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Hi, everyone I was accepted into the Concurrent Program at GCC in the fall but starts this summer with the NAU class. I was wanting to know if there was anyone else on here who got accepted? :)... Read More

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    Congrats!!! We started today and took NUR 330 over the summer. It is going to be a great program!

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    Sweet. How is NUR330? Lots of work? lol
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    I also would like to know the average GPA just to see where I stand.
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    Think the GPA needs to be above 3.0.
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    is anyone else still waiting on an answer for spring 2012 cep cohort? i applied at the july application session and i feel like i should have gotten an answer by now if the answer was yes! .....
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    Ringthebell- Which school did you put down for first choice?
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    Hi Sarah J, I put MCC, SCC, Gateway I believe.
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    Ringthebell- Well for MCC I got an email of acceptance and it was forwarded to 19 other people. So I think the selection for MCC is done. But I believe that people accepted to Glendale and Gateway found out like 5 days before MCC did so maybe you still have a chance for SCC? If you don't mind me asking what was your GPA?
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    well thank you for the info! i just want to know either way! i have a 3.7 but i'm figuring if i didn't get in it's because i have 2 nau co-reqs left which i'm taking right now. i took 7 credits over summer break so that i could apply for the spring cohort! what a bummer. what kind of gpa do you have? and are you totally done with prereqs?
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    Whoa 3.7 is awesome! I took 13 credits over summer just so I would be completely done when I applied. So yes I'm totally done with all classes and my GPA was a 3.56. I hope that you get in and if you don't then you probably have a great chance for Fall 2012 because a 3.7 is an amazing GPA.. I don't think many people have one that high. Good luck!!

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