GCC/NAU Cohort 8/12 Application Session - page 3

Is anyone else attending this application session? I am and I'm just wondering something....as most of us...I've been waiting on this list forever and I'm not entirely sure my NET scores are even good anymore. Does anyone know... Read More

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    hi hope_full! that's cool that we will be in the same cohort! i have actually never even been to gcc before. I live way out in the southeast valley! i'm not excited about the drive but really excited to start nursing school! i'm taking psy230 and psy240 right now. and i'm waiting to be enrolled in the nur330. i wonder what that class will be like. i've seen a lot of posts with people asking but i haven't seen any answers!
    have you attended gcc before? are you taking any other classes right now?

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    Wow! The drive won't be so bad. Either way you go, 101 or I 17 the traffic in the morning hours in that direction should not be that bad. I have taken classes at both the North and the Main campus. I really enjoyed both locations. I have been very fortunate to have had both; really amazing teachers and fellow students in my classes. I know you will like it.

    I am not taking any classes right now, and I am going out of my mind. I took 230 and 240 late last spring through Rio. I really liked developmental psy. I found stats to be alright. I might have liked it more in person.

    I got an email today from Maricopa Nursing, saying I have been placed for Spring 2012! I haven't heard anything about the NAU class yet. Hopefully we will hear something soon.

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