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Is anyone else attending this application session? I am and I'm just wondering something....as most of us...I've been waiting on this list forever and I'm not entirely sure my NET scores are even... Read More

  1. by   hope_full
    I got an acceptance letter for the NAU cohort via email on Friday the 19th in the afternoon. Has anyone else been accepted into GCC/NAU?
    Has anyone received their contract for enrollment via email or regular mail?
    Eish- my time stamp was June 2010, but I don't believe that they even considered your time stamp.
  2. by   Positive Minds
    Hi Eish,

    I just got my time stamp sometime in May/Jun of this year. For this new program, the CEP (concurrent enrollment program) between NAU and the Maricopa Community Colleges does not take into account your time stamp. It is GPA competitive along with the prerequisites. I would encourage you to at least start your prereqs while waiting. We are told this program is being put into effect to match the desire of employers who appear to be requesting more BSN nurses now (apparently they have been 'threatening' this for decades ). It certainly wouldn't hurt to get ahead of the game! Good luck!
  3. by   ASHR
    Hi Everyone,

    I am currently finishing my last few pre-reqs for this program. Does anyone have insight as to how many people applied? Also I'm curious as to how competitive it was. If anyone doesn't mind sharing their criteria upon entry that would be great. (I just want to compare my chances of getting in).
  4. by   Sarah J
    I received my acceptance letter on Monday for MCC! I had a feeling I'd get in but I didn't know if everyone else's GPA was higher than mine. But oh well I'm in and I'm extremely excited for this program and to meet everyone!
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  5. by   hope_full

    I wish I could tell you how many people applied (I had that exact same question), but I can tell you what I know (or at least what I think I know). When I went to the May review, I was told it would be better for me to wait and apply in June. Because by the June session my last two classes would be finished and my application would be complete.

    During the June session I did ask a couple of your same questions. By the time I turned in my application, they had only taken a handful of COMPLETED applications. (I wish I could remember the exact number, but I think it was somewhere around fifteen to twenty.)

    The GPA they require is 3.0, but when I asked about the average accepted GPA she said that it was closer to 3.5 or higher. I don't know how accurate that really is, I think we all know a lot of people who are smarter than their GPA and vise versa. Since you are wondering my GPA is 3.69. I also asked her if they would be rounding up, and she just smiled.

    HESI minimum score required is 75% in English and Math. My scores are; English 86.26% and Math 100% with a cumulative score of 89.70%

    I also had two letters of recommendation when I submitted my application. Both of them were in sealed envelopes that were signed across the seal.

    The one impression that I walked away with is that basically they would have two stacks of applications; one stack of completed applications and one stack where students might be missing credits, letters of recommendations, transcripts, etc. The stack of completed applications would be reviewed first, which makes sense, those students have already meet all the requirements. Maybe this is why some people found out if they were accepted before others.

    So a better question might be; "How many completed applications were received versus incomplete?" and "How many students were selected out of each stack?" I think "statistically" (I just took that class so I like to use that word when I can) your chances would be better in the completed stack versus the incomplete stack. So make sure that you have all your ducks in a row when it comes time to turn yours in, that in itself might increase your odds. However as every semester passes and more students finish their pre/co-requisites, that completed stack will probably get bigger and I more competitive. So, I would guess, that with time, the average accepted students GPA will get higher.

    I wish you the best of luck!
  6. by   ringthebell
    Hi, I just found out last week that a spot opened up at GCC and I was on a list of alternates (I'm doing my last 6 co-req credits this semester) so anyway.. I'm going to be in the Spring 2012 cohort for the CEP at GCC! Is anyone else on here going to be at GCC in the spring??
  7. by   hope_full

    I AM in the GCC CEP Spring cohort as well. I am so glad to talk to someone else who is going to GCC next semester. I am very excited but very nervous. Did you go to GCC last semester? What two classes are you taking this semester? How exciting!
  8. by   ringthebell
    hi hope_full! that's cool that we will be in the same cohort! i have actually never even been to gcc before. I live way out in the southeast valley! i'm not excited about the drive but really excited to start nursing school! i'm taking psy230 and psy240 right now. and i'm waiting to be enrolled in the nur330. i wonder what that class will be like. i've seen a lot of posts with people asking but i haven't seen any answers!
    have you attended gcc before? are you taking any other classes right now?
  9. by   hope_full
    Wow! The drive won't be so bad. Either way you go, 101 or I 17 the traffic in the morning hours in that direction should not be that bad. I have taken classes at both the North and the Main campus. I really enjoyed both locations. I have been very fortunate to have had both; really amazing teachers and fellow students in my classes. I know you will like it.

    I am not taking any classes right now, and I am going out of my mind. I took 230 and 240 late last spring through Rio. I really liked developmental psy. I found stats to be alright. I might have liked it more in person.

    I got an email today from Maricopa Nursing, saying I have been placed for Spring 2012! I haven't heard anything about the NAU class yet. Hopefully we will hear something soon.