Gateway Accelerated Fall 2011 Cohort - page 2

Just finished checking my acceptance for the fall 2011 cohort at gateway (accelerated program) and was wondering if anyone else has accepted placement here as well? Congrats to everyone who got... Read More

  1. by   juliusmyn
    Thanks Becker
  2. by   AZMOMO2
    I advanced placed into the 2011 cohort into block 3 this summer. Good luck! It's fast paced but so far love the instructors!
  3. by   miteacher
    Quote from becker04
    Congrats on starting!!! You're in for a wild ride. I am just about to start preceptorship this week so let me answer what I can...The schedule changes throughout all 4 blocks, but starting out you're in class a lot more like 4 days a week which includes lab time (hands on stuff). The profs use a lot of the theory text book so it's hard to say what chapters to pick out. hesis are taken at the end of each block. and block one is theory and nursing process and the basics of care with a little bit of acute care. block two is basics of acute care, three is med-surg peds and ob. and block 4 is pysch and critical care. hope this helps and my piece of advice is go into class with an open mind and listen to every instructor because even of you don't like their teaching style they still know what they're talking about. Best of luck!!!

    Does anyone have advice about how to be successful in block 3? It's so much content, and goes so fast!