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Looking to relocate to Flagstaff. I understand the expensive cost of living, but I am mostly interested in feedback about the places you work. Am considering the local hospital, but also hospices, public school system, county... Read More

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    Thanks for the info. Wasn't really considering the meth neighborhood factor.

    For your standard 1 bedroom in a modern-style apartment community, what is the ballpark figure?

    Thanks a lot for your post. I had a girl born 11 days ago and named her Erika.


    Quote from pooshx2
    Depending on where you are coming from, I suppose "high cost of living" is a subjective term. For the economy locally here in Flag, it is difficult for the "average worker bee" to make ends meet. Purchasing a home here is costly. The housing survey that the city put out in Jan 08 stated that you need to make $59/hour to purchase the median priced home in Flagstaff. It is difficult with costs rising everywhere. The city here considers itself a tourist attraction and that unfortunately often prices out the people who actually support the town. It can be "iffy" about prices on apartments too, because you don't know the area that you are getting a great deal on could be meth central. I guess it depends on what is important to you and what lifestyle you live as well as whether or not you come from a higher cost of living area, then it would be comparable. Other surveys to note, 1 in 9 people that live in Flag are trust fund babies and there are 1 in 90ish millionaires per group of 90ish people. (does that make sense?) OK, well hope that helps some.


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    Well sinse it's been a year since the original posting, I wonder how the person turned out? Did you end up moving to Flagstaff? I did my preceptorship there and thought about working at FMC and had an interview set up but decided to move to Tucson instead and now working at University Medical Center as a new grad RN. I really like the hospital. Tucson is really laid back and everyone is friendly, but I do miss the pines in Flagstaff. Before I moved to Tucson I lived in Prescott but I would drive to Flag a lot to see my mom; I'm thinking of possibly moving back after my year is up here. I don't know yet because this is a teaching hospital and Magnet status and I do really like the unit i'm on...so we'll see.

    I was thinking about Orgeon as well, it seems to be the place where people are starting to go to. My preceptor just moved up there and his base pay is a lot higher than FMC. Might be time for me to get out of the desert.

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    Quote from pooshx2
    Hi, I can offer some current info, but keep in mind that I am in nursing school currently and work as an ED Tech and PCT. As of July 1, 2007 they raised salary of nurses to try to start competing with the valley. ED is now a Level I Trauma Center. We have a PICU, NICU, CVICU, cath lab tele and most procedures are offered up here rarely requiring being flown out to the Valley. We do have limited neuro docs and are really in need of a MICU/SICU. New grad salary is $24.80/ hour. I have a friend in the float pool that is an RN with 8 years experience and her wage is $38../hr without shift diff., granted that is for med/surg floors. Another friend of mine who is 1 year post school and just finished her new grad year - med/surg w/o diffs she is making $27.86. Most nurses I speak with enjoy being here if you can deal with the high cost of living. ny factors to look at are whether you have children or not. Day care is very high here (word of mouth, no kids personally) and is difficult to find considering there are limited providers for nights/weekends. Hope this helps you out!

    Wow that's pretty good. I work at St Joes and the starting new grad salary is only about 23.75 per hour. I have been an RN for 2 years now and am at $25 per hour. Thankfully though I am on a weekend program so get time and a half. It is a GREAT place to work but amongst the lowest in the Phoenix area for sure. But the experiences you get is pretty amazing. It depends what you are looking for. Hopefully pay is not the only consideration.

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