Finding a job after school

  1. I know most of us are concerned about getting through school first, but is anyone else concerned about finding a job once you graduate? In the past I've heard a lot about there being a nursing shortage, but now I hear there is an oversupply and new grads are struggling to find jobs.

    Has anyone heard of the success rate of new BSN grads finding a job in Arizona?
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  3. by   fromtheseaRN
    Here's a survey by the Board of Nursing that they do each year showing you the statistics.

    For me, I started a job in a clinic on March 1 of this year, just a bit over a month after passing NCLEX on January 20. I kept applying to hospitals though, and after 367 applications, I was offered an interview and hired with a local hospital system. It is not the unit I want, actually it is the one unit I never wanted to work in, but I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to get in a hospital.
    Also, the only reason I was offered an interview was due to knowing someone who worked there, and the reason I was hired was because of my glowing 90 day evaluation from my clinic job. Take what you can get, put your time in, and work your way up.
    Good luck!
  4. by   SL2014
    Hi there- yes it's hard. Nursing is over saturated, new graduates nurses are beyond over saturated. There will be 200+ applicants for new grad acute care positions... It's gnarly.

    I put in over 250 applications before getting hired. But it is possible. Just be prepared to become frustrated, save up some money if you can and apply long before summer (hiring in Phx hospitals DROPS just before and durin summer). Stay positive and stay current in nursing skills and issues.
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