Dignity health new grad cohort hiring process.

  1. Anyone else recently apply to the dignity health new grad cohort at chandler regional or mercy Gilbert?
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  3. by   Nursekayaz
    I just applied today!
  4. by   Nancy,BSN
    Awesome! Which location? Has your status changed?
  5. by   Nursekayaz
    I applied to Chandler Regional. I can't seem to find the posting for Mercy Gilbert; is it still up?
    My status says "Under Hiring Manager Review"
  6. by   Nancy,BSN
    Oh awesome, I just checked and it looks like it was taken down. I tried searching for info on dignity's hiring process but didn't find much. Do you know anything about their timeline?

    I did find they will contact us with a pre-interview email. It will have a math test and some questions.
  7. by   Nursekayaz
    What does your status say? Did you apply to both?

    I don't know anything about their timeline unfortunately... it sounds like you found out some really useful information though!!
  8. by   Nancy,BSN
    My status also changed to under hiring manager review. I applied to day & night at chandler and to the day posting for mercy Gilbert (idk if there was a night posting. Yeah but a lot of the posts were from a while ago, like 2008. If I find out anything else I'll let you know!
    Did you do any clinicals, externship, or volunteering with dignity?
  9. by   Nursekayaz
    Thank you! I'll let you know if I find anything out as well! The one I applied to was nights.
    No, I haven't done anything like that with Dignity. Have you?
  10. by   Nursekayaz
    I got your PM but apparently I'm not allowed to send any yet; guess I haven't made enough posts lol. That's great that you have so much connection to Dignity! I feel like that will go a long way in their eyes. I've heard great things about Dignity as well, so I hope I can somehow get an interview too even though I didn't have any sort of clinicals at their hospitals. Fingers crossed!
  11. by   Nancy,BSN
    Oh sorry I got your message as a PM so I replied.
    I think we both got a good chance!
  12. by   AZBlueBell
    Does dignity st.joes do a new grad cohort? I've only ever seen for the east valley locations.
  13. by   Nancy,BSN
    Quote from AZBlueBell
    Does dignity st.joes do a new grad cohort? I've only ever seen for the east valley locations.
    From what I understand, st. Joes hires new grads and does there own training. Chandler and mercy Gilbert are the ones who do new grad cohorts. Hope that helps!