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I am just curious about something. I have read many discussions on the topic of new grads not being able to find jobs. Do any of you have previous healthcare experience at all, in a hospital or otherwise? Or does that not... Read More

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    I am a Banner Fellow graduating tomorrow from nursing school. I have already been offered a job, as well as 4 of my classmates . Though the market is tight Banner is working very hard to place new grads from their program. I know that the last 2 groups that graduated have almost all been placed now. I have to say that while I got my first choice of area and shift some people have their hearts set on certain specialty areas and have not been able to get an interview even after precepting on the units they want to work on. Personally, I am very happy with Banner and know they are trying their best to fulfill everyone's wishes and find them a spot.

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    Quote from fromthesea
    did your friend say where they got the job? i would think LPNs are getting jobs faster because they are being employed in long term care, skilled nursing facilities, etc. i assume most RNs graduating are looking for jobs in hospitals, and the major chain here is on a hiring freeze, and not many others are hiring either.
    Personally, I would love to work in a SNF. That is what I have always done so it would be easier for me. When I first graduated I thought I would only work in a hospital, just to get better skills. Now I am willing to work anywhere. Things are really bad here in Oregon. If I am OOW any longer I will have to move. If anyone has an Idea of the best place I could go yo find any nursing job, let me know.

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