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Chamberlain College of Nursing BSN Program - page 14

Hello!! I just joined this site today because I was recently accepted into Chamberlain College of Nursing, I am scheduled to begin classes on March 1st and I was wondering if anyone else is going to... Read More

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    i have no idea. i would be interested in hearing what you find out.
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    the program in phoenix is accredited by the CCNE and has candidate status with the NLNAC. i'm pretty sure it only needs to be approved by at least one to be considered an accredited program, they're just going for both. looking forward to meeting everyone in a month
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    Hey I am starting Feb 28 in PHX....Nice to meet all of you !!!
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    Has anybody got their schedule yet? I feel bad but I have been bugging my advisor the past two weeks and she keeps telling me that I should know by the end of the week. Has anybody have had the same problems?
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    I have learned from experience that If you have a balance on your account, you will not get your schedule until that is paid. Schedules came through last week, but I am in the preceptorship, So not sure if is different depending on which semester you are in. In the past, I haven't gotten my schedule until the week before classes started. Good luck!
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    I had everything paid off at least thats what my advisor told me. I guess thats one of the downfalls with Chamberlain College, them handing out schedules a week or so before classes start. Thanks for the information
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    i haven't paid for anything yet but got my schedule last week ...
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    How much is the BSN program and is it hard to get loans to cover it? Im interested in attending chamberlain but im concerned about the price. I would like an idea of how much it really costs.
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    does anybody know if students have to wear scrubs to class everyday? I know most of nursing schools do but i wasn't sure if Chamberlain does.
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    Most schools only have to wear scrubs to clinical sites. Not to actual class. Why don't you call the campus you're interested in and ask just to be 100% sure.
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    I havent received my schedule either.... and I dont owe anything.
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    See everyone on the 22nd
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    Quote from fmac88
    does anybody know if students have to wear scrubs to class everyday? I know most of nursing schools do but i wasn't sure if Chamberlain does.
    You don't have to wear scrubs to class except clinicals. Their dress code for classes is almost thesame for any other school out there.All these I think is in their code of conduct or one of those other forms which I can't remember.