Can someone tell me more about the Bio 201 lab?

  1. Hello all,

    I'm registered for Bio 201 next semester.
    My questions are:

    What do we do in the laboratory part of 201? Does it involve cadavers? If so, do the students have to interact with them - or just watch the professor dissect them.
    I may have an issue if we have to personally dissect, otherwise I'm fine watching.

    Also, any other tips and information about how the labs work is appreciated. I'll be taking this class in person at Phoenix College.

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  3. by   Ks6600
    We had the option of viewing the cadavers, it was not required by my teacher.
    The 201 lab was mostly memorization of the anatomy from the plastic models and skeleton. They used the models of individual parts- brain, skull, plastic bones,etc.. I chose not to view the cadavers for that class for the simple fact that the plastic models were what was used for the test, so I would rather spend my time working with those and memorizing every inch of them instead of taking time to view the cadavers. I had already seen them in 156 and I knew I would see them again in 202.

    I hope that helps.
  4. by   Hobberdog
    We had a cadaver at MCC - Red Mountain but it was just used as a visual tool. The only person to touch it was the teacher. We had the option of leaving if we wanted when the cadaver came out. I was able to hold his brain but I was one of the few students who did that. We all dissected sheep hearts and brains when we came to those sections. Most of the learning is from plastic models. On the tests we did have dissected hearts and brains. The cadaver was never used in the tests.

    BIO 201 & 202 are a lot of fun. Good luck!
  5. by   Soida
    I'm wondering what issues people might have with cadavers. Is it just the handling of dead bodies, or is it something else? The reason I'm asking is because as a nurse, we are going to have to deal all sorts of situations, including handling recently deceased people. If there is an issue now, I'm wondering how they would handle this in the future.
  6. by   fromtheseaRN
    Phoenix College does use human cadavers, but it is optional. They were all people who donated their bodies to science following death. The lab part is mostly anatomy identification, bones, organs, etc. We did dissect sheep eyes, hearts, and brains.
  7. by   2bmurse_joker
    Red Mountain MCC - dissected a sheep's eye. BUT MEMORIZATION UP THE BUTT, thank you very much. GREAT MOOGLY GOOGLY!