Brookline College Accelerated Nursing Program

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    Hey! Is there anyone attending Brookline College (in Phoenix, AZ) new accelerated bachelor's degree program. I plan to start it May 9th and would like to know anyone's opinion on the school?

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    Just wondering if you found out any more information on Brookline in Arizona? I just found out about them and curious since they are only provisionally accredited or any other information you might have
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    Hey! Yes, I did. Im starting in May! yes, they are provisional, but it doesn't affect you getting your license. You should definitely apply. I will send you a message with my number.
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    I am attending the May 9th, 2011 class as well. We are the third class that they will graduate, they just opened up in September 2010. So there are probably not too much information out regarding the school. I am looking forward to orientation on May 2nd, 2011.
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    Hi guys... do you mind saying more about this program? How long is it? Do they accept transfer credits for pre-reqs?
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    The program is 15-16 months. I start May9th 2011 and finish August 19th, 2012. Their website states their pre-requisites; which aren't many compared to other accelerated nursing programs. However they do require you to have a bachelors degree already, and then they will transfer 51 credits from your bachelors degree. They don't have on campus housing, and you have to get a private student loan of at least $22,000. The tuition is a flat rate of $45,000 and this includes your books and scrubs. Also you have to take a HESI exam and score a total of 75% in math, a&p, english, gram and vocabulary. I hope this helps
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    It does help--absolutely. When you say "private student loan," do you mean something outside of FAFSA/Federal Student Loans?

    I do have a BS already and I did already take the HESI, but unfortunately the two places I've applied didn't require Bio and A&P, so I'd have to retake that. . . Plus, not being able to take some of their pre-reqs there might hurt me. . . I only had one round of A&P in Undergrad and no micro... well, we should stay in touch as it sounds like we're both starting and ending around the same time.
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    hey ifuture9, do you live in Arizona?? Great to meet more people starting the program!
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    Hello everyone, yes when I stated "private student loans", I mean Sallie Mae & Wells Fargo. Let me warn you these are the only two banks you can apply to because Brookline College isn't enrolled with Chase, Discover and many other banks. Now with the new credit requirements, it's impossible to get approved without a co-signer. I gratefully was, however it was difficult and Sallie Mae approved me. I currently reside near San Francisco and will be moving to Arizona this weekend. I was blessed enough to receive credit for Pathophysiology already, because I took an online course. The first quarter course load is intense, with a whopping six classes. Brookline College's "C" starts at 77%, I look forward to receiving many responses from you all.
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    Hi, Inspiration--where are you starting and when?

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