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Hey! Is there anyone attending Brookline College (in Phoenix, AZ) new accelerated bachelor's degree program. I plan to start it May 9th and would like to know anyone's opinion on the school?... Read More

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    I would beware. I work at a huge hospital in Phoenix and a lot of our managers won't hire from Brookline. Or Carrington.
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    I know this is a dated forum but question for those currently in the nursing program or finished... what exactly does the nursing portion of the schooling cover? I noticed that the itinerary states gerontological nursing but no mention of med surg, psychiatric, maternity/family nursing. Is any of this covered? I ask because I was considering Brookline but after program comparison to other colleges I'm now uncertain. Help!
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    @tklovrich - All those topics are covered med surg, psych, maternity, community, pediatrics, and NCLEX Review.
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    I am currently enrolled in Brookline's program and will be graduating soon. I have worked with a lot of Brookline Graduates at clinical locations so I do not think this is true.
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    Does anyone know if you can transfer credits(pre-requisite) from a community college to brookline College? If so, does that make the tuition less? Thank you!
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    Hi I'm not sure if you received your answer yet, but I believe you can. They let me transfer my credits from my university in California.
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    I am thinking of Brookline's accelerated BSN and would appreciate input from either current or past students, I see they are on the New Mexico Board of nursing site and the last(which I believe was the first class) passed the Nclex at 100% any of those grads currently working?
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    Hi there!

    I'm starting the ABSN program this Sept. I'm just curious on how difficult the program is. Is it very very time consuming? Lots of homework/papers? How are the tests? Clinicals? I would love any insight or tips/suggestions for those already in, or have graduated, the program.

    Also I'm currently looking for a place nearby the college to live. A cheap (ish) apartment would be ideal. Any suggestions of places that are not in bad areas of town?

    Thanks again for whoever replies!
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    I am also tarting BSN in September at Albuquerque campus. Can't tell you what program will be like but wanted to wish you luck.

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