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    I just got accepted into Brookline's BSN program, and I'm supposed to start in their 2nd semester in Jan...I'm so excited to be moving back to AZ from NY and begin nursing school already...anyone else going to Brookline starting in Jan????
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    I've been looking into Brookline for January but thinking of waiting to see what happens with accreditation and to save up more money. How are you going to be financing your education with them if I may ask? Also you said you are starting in the second semester class. Just curious as to how you are able to start in the second semester. Thanks ahead for any comments!
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    Hey, well as far as financing, it is $79K without transferring credits, and with all my credits that Im transferring, I believe I knock about $20k off of that...I will be using financial aid and loans...for the accreditation, they have to wait for a graduating class, and then go from there, by that time I may already be graduated and working, and then applying to the Masters program which would be perfect timing, personally I just dont see the point in waiting especially if there is a slim chance I may not go the Masters route...also, I'm going by what the rep said when I say second semester, it could be because they begin their first semester in Sept, second in Jan, and third in May
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    Oh I see now what you mean by the semester thing. Where you able to get financial aid from the college or another source? I have had a hard time getting in touch with the fanancial aid office at Brookline. From what I've heard since it is a second bachelor degree program we cannot receive any federal fanancial aid, at least grants I know we cant get but we may qualify for federal loans.
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    Yeah, I was having a problem contacting the financial aid office too...I could try and send you a private message with the # my advisor gave me...also, I'm applying for the general BSN program as I do not have a degree already, so I see the financial hurdle you're facing...I would speak to them to see how they could help with financial aid or loans...
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    Cool thanks for the info!
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    You're welcome
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    Hey TINI82 I am going to start the ABSN as Brookline in January, I also see that your moving back. I am coming from IL .
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    Hey, yep moving back, but with family...I'm actually a bit further out from the school, so I'm gonna have a drive ahead of me...have you decided which city you're gonna move to as yet, and when will you be moving???? I'm gonna drive out there, leaving NY Jan 1...good luck and keep in touch...
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    I would be cautious about spending that much money at a non-accredited for-profit school. I work for a very similar institution and a lot of the advisers will sign up just about anyone. We don't work on commission (we used to), but we have quotas we have to meet each quarter. (And actually the school I work for is CCNE accredited.) Basically, some advisers will paint a very pretty picture without giving all the details. For example, if you have a bachelors, you will not qualify for federal grants, and the maximum amount you can take out in federal loans in 57k total (including all the stafford student loans you took for your previous bachelors). Also, the maximum amount of federal stafford loans you can take out in one financial aid year is 12.5k. It may be a reasonably good program, but I have seen students run out of money before they finish ours, and that's the end of more classes and a lot of debt. IF you have really good credit and/or really good cosigners, you may also be able to get private loans, but be wary of variable interest rates if you can and do.

    Lastly, there is absolutely no guarantee that the program will acquire an accreditation. If you have any desire to get a masters or doctorate, consider this because a lot of graduate programs will require that your BSN be from an accredited institution.

    I only mean to inform here because I would want someone to point these things out to me if I were applying. Maybe see what the advisers say on these points?