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  1. Hello!!!!!! Anyone else out there starting nursing school either at Gateway or another Maricopa Community college this Spring 2012?????

    After an almost 3 year wait I start the traditional 2 year daytime program at GCC. Sooooo suuupppeeerrrr excited!

    Thinking bout doing all e-books on an i-pad......thoughts anyone?
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  3. by   Amanda0721
    I'm starting traditional at Gateway as well.. Sooo excited, yet soo nervous! Orientation tomorrow! Can't wait to get started
  4. by   AZMOMO2
    Acronyms.. GCC= Glendale Community College. GWCC Gateway Community College CGCC- Chandler Gilbert Community College.

    Good luck both of you future nurses!
  5. by   lashandajones
    ok i just got signed up at Gateway CC to start my pre-reqs right...i have a question i cannot be added to the wait-list until after they are finished right?? my advisor says its going to take two years to complete so that means ill go to school for two years...WAIT for two years THEN get into the nursing program??!?!?!?!? i dont understand thats four years to get an associate I want to continue to my BSN Im very confused I have another advisor meeting tomorrow but any help from and actual student would be appreciated greatly
  6. by   lovinlife11
    Prereqs first, then apply to nursing school. I believe it is about a 2 year wait to get in, after you complete your prereqs. Good luck to you!