Block 1 at Mesa Boswell

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    Is anyone else starting block 1 at Mesa-Boswell for Spring 2012 ?

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    Yes! I am trying to solve my dilemma over books, ebooks, software.... UGH!!!

    Excited though!

    How about you?

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    Hi starz girl! Looks like we'll be in class together!
    Yes, I know. I'm excited too, but overwhelmed with the cost of class, books and supplies. I'm debating on whether I should use my android phone or invest in an ipod. Just seems like too much to think about during the holidays.
    What part of the valley will you be commuting from?
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    Peoria/Glendale. The school is about 10-15 minutes from me.

    Yeah, I have an iPhone, but reading on it for long periods of time is a nightmare!! Ipad or kindle, would be better... I don't have either of those...Just weighing my options.

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    Where abouts are you located? Have you seen our schedule? We are going to be busy! ;-)

    Do you have family, kids?

    I have a husband and 3 kids (14,13, & 4) all girls. Juggling schedules will be tricky, but once we get rolling, it should flow pretty good.
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    Hi starz girl.
    I will be driving from Goodyear. The drive with no traffic will be about 45 min. Ugh!!! I'm definitely dreading the days we have to be there early!
    The schedule does seem intense. I wonder if we will be put into groups and will have to be there on lab days or times only when our particular groups meet.(?)
    I dont think we will have to read much from our phones, just quick reference stuff, at least I hope! I'm considering a tablet as well. It would be a nice Christmas gift! With my luck though, I worry about the battery dying on me at the wrong time and that I would have to keep lugging the books around anyway. Not sure. But a tablet would be great to study from otherwise.

    I'm married as well with 2 kids, 16(boy) & 10(girl). Luckily my son just started driving so that will be a big help with trying to juggle our schedules.

    How long where you on the waitlist and did you finish the co-requisite classes?
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    I was on the wait list for almost 2 yrs, with only 2 schools requested. For over a year I only had 1 school, since I was really trying to drag my waiting out for as long as I could, due to my youngest being so young. She will be 5 when I start nursing school at this point, so I am pleased with my wait time. I could have postponed the semester, but I really wanted a January start time, then off the long summer. =]

    Yes, all my pre-regs or co-regs, are all completed. =]. How about you?

    Sonya ;-)
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    Has anyone seen the Skills Videos we are supposed to get? I can't find them used & they seem to cost around $170 new..... Any ideas?..
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    Hi Sonya. Happy New Year!
    Was out of town so couldnt reply. The skills videos actually should come with the Fundamentals of Nursing Theory Book as a set. I purchased mine from Amazon for $123 Here is the link.

    It looks like some of my previous post to this thread have been deleted. I wonder why..?
    Anyhow, looking forward to the orientation. Hope to meet you there!
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    Yeah, I saw that msgs were deleted... Maybe something with the revamping of the site..

    I wish I would have seen your post BEFORE I opened my books from the publisher... I spent WAY more money... =[

    I can't believe orientation is in a few days. The past few months have sure flown by. Thank goodness my teenagers are getting their braces off next month, one last monthly appointment to juggle!

    I think I am all set. I am trying to figure out how the modules will work. I am trying to find out how to organize my binders and such.


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