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BIO 205 online 8 week summer session at Phoenix College

  1. 0 did anyone take bio 205 8 week session online at phoenix college? how was it?

    which one is more challenging bio 205 online or bio 202 online?

    i recently took bio 202 16 weeks session online at pc (it was challenging but doable) and now i am thinking of taking bio 205 online during the summer. i kind of like taking my classes online (it is much convenient), but i worry that the 8 week session will be too much in such a short time and that i won't be able to finish it with high grade.

    how many hours did you put into studying?

    it will be the only class i will be taking at the time and i am not working but i am a new mom to a 7 month old and i've been told that we are going to have guests staying with us for a weekend while i'll be taking the class.

    any thoughts, insights or advises will be appreciated.

    thank you
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    Is it being offered online this summer? Is the lab in person?
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    I took micro and bio 202 over the summer in 6 week sessions I think.

    I thought micro was a lot easier than 202. You should take it with Cotter.

    Regarding the level of difficulty, You do need to put a lot of time into it to receive an adequate grade. I had 4 case studies to do that each ended up being 20+ pages long typed. I basically lived and slept at my computer for that class lol.

    I got a 97, but not many received A's. It is a lot of work to do in a short amount of time. As long as you put 100% (and more) into your assignments, you should do great!
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    I took 202 at Phoenix College online, and was really happy with the course and the professor. I am currently taking 203 there, and would like to take micro there. I just have to look at my schedule. I am going to Michigan for part of the summer, so I have to see if it will be offered for the second half of the summer.
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    i took micro in person there, with the instructor who is head of the biology department (can't name names on here... sorry). i never studied and aced every exam and assignment. that being said, he was an amazing teacher and micro was an easy concept for me to grasp... i definitely had to work hard with a&p.
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    I am signed up to take the course online with in person lab. I am wondering how that will work out...