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NNOC and UAN, its new partner, are trying to infiltrate Arizona hospitals and our statehouse. If this union is so great, then why do nurses in California keep fighting to get rid of the CNA as their representative? In... Read More

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    Well, What can he say???

    He throws out an inflammatory statement "BEWARE OF THE UNIONS" and then leaves....

    When he finds out most here are receptive to unions, he leaves...

    I mean, what more is there to say?

    It's all about fear tactics and intimidation, when it comes to disuading us from union activiy...

    I say, Bring it on!

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    I say present both sides in a rational manner and allow those who would fall under a union's presence to decide what they prefer; seems those who are staunchly anti-union are those whose paychecks far exceed my own.
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    HELLO WE DO NEED A UNION ........NNOC is great THEY ARE GET IN GETTING THE RIGHT INFORMATION OUT. I RECENTLY WENT TO ONE OF THEIR MEETINGS THEY WERE GREAT lots of information and support they helped nurses in Gendale ,AZ and the nurses won the case ...
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    This whole thread, with the exception of the folks that have been with for a while, smells fishy to me!!
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    Yeah, tell me more about the nurses they helped in "Gendale"
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    Beware? A union is needed beyond comprehension in the state of arizona. For profits should be accounted for their unethical actions against nurses. Azzha the extortionists for self minded financial gain or union for nurse's piece of mind. Get informed, the corrupt Azzha just got sued for 22 million and continue to have a stronghold on the nursing community.

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