Beware the NNOC - page 2

NNOC and UAN, its new partner, are trying to infiltrate Arizona hospitals and our statehouse. If this union is so great, then why do nurses in California keep fighting to get rid of the CNA as... Read More

  1. by   groovy jeff
    This whole thread, with the exception of the folks that have been with for a while, smells fishy to me!!
  2. by   Hoozdo
    Yeah, tell me more about the nurses they helped in "Gendale"
  3. by   fightforarerights
    Beware? A union is needed beyond comprehension in the state of arizona. For profits should be accounted for their unethical actions against nurses. Azzha the extortionists for self minded financial gain or union for nurse's piece of mind. Get informed, the corrupt Azzha just got sued for 22 million and continue to have a stronghold on the nursing community.