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DH and I have beeen offer jobs with Banner Health working in Desart Samaritan Medical Center DH in med surg and L+D for me anybody working for this company are they good people, what about the Hospital its self, we have visted in... Read More

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    Sorry - didn't realize this original post was in 2004! Why did it bump to the top of list forum?
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    Leeanna, a spammer posted onto this thread, which bumped it up.
    Maybe find another similiar thread or start your own (more recent)?
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    Quote from Leeanna f
    Humph- I've been trying for months to get hired at Banner and can't get past HR's computer select/decline based on my online application. Then, only to receive a "we are considering other candidates for this position " or "we do not hire new grads for this position" - email. Ah, hello, did you even LOOK at my resume? I graduated in 1985! I have yet to talk to a human in human relations. Good luck!
    Have you tried going into HR at the hospitals? The recruiter for that hospital will be there. Also, call the 1-800 # posted on their career website and ask for the recruiter specific for whichever Hospital you are applying. That way you get an actual person to talk to. This is what I did when applying at Banner.
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    Thanks. Will try that route!

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