Is Banner ever going to start hiring external new grads in AZ??? - page 2

I graduated back in December of 2011 with my ADN and started working as a home health nurse in February of 2012. I am frustrated because this is not the job I envisioned for myself. I thought that with this experience it would... Read More

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    Try Banner Boswell 5th floor. They hire ADN new grads and always have openings.

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    Thanks again, everyone! With a little patience and perseverance I finally was offered a Banner position today!! I am so excited!!
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    Congrats to you on getting a position with Banner !!

    My wife is basically in the same boat, graduating at the same time and also with an ADN, only found work in Home Health. After literally a thousand applications, phone calls, drop-ins and everything else still no luck with the hospitals. Prior to nursing school my wife was employed by Banner as a phlebotomist but resigned to concentrate on her studies, graduated with honors and Banner still will not give her the time of day. She also has a BS-Medical Technologist and that hasn't helped either and she is now pursuing her BSN.

    It is kind of ironic but my wife has told me at this point she is very happy with being an RN - Home Health as she gets to make her own schedule and doesn't have to put up with all the political bs. She feels kind of fortunate as many RN's have not been able to find any kind of nursing position.

    Good luck with your new position.
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    I work at Banner Ironwood which is a small facility and I know that we just hired 2 new grads! So YES, the job market it slowly picking up for new grads!! Banner is a great company to work for!

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