AZ Pediatric Home Health Agencies - recommendations

  1. Hi All,

    I hear conflicting stories about some of the agencies. For those of you who work peds home health, which agencies are best for a new grad to work for? (best training/support/salary/schedules...)

    I am a new RN grad without any home health experience but I worked as a ped med asst for over 3 years for a large peds practice before nursing school. Being a new RN grad, I only have limited vent & trach experience.

    Thanks for any info!
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  3. by   TokeRn
    MGA home health pays well
  4. by   AZMOMO2
    Try LovingCare
  5. by   sellafork
    im wondering if any other arizona nurses in this valley, whether private duty nurses or home health nurses, can give anymore input on other pediatric private duty agencies??? im looking to work for a agency that respects and honors both the families needs and our needs (nurses needs). why is it that all agencies care about is either the families getting taken care of (haha i know its money) or the nurses getting taken care of. cant it be both? i have been sent to so many houses and taking one look around and saying to myself "how could they have sent me here? this family has four dogs and i specifically stated i was allergic to dogs."
    are the agencies just to busy and a body is a body to be put anywhere no matter the outcome?
    do any of the families get an opportunity to express what they are looking for in a nurse for their family member?
    unfortunately for me both agencies mentioned above were exactly like i am talking about. its like "put the nurse with the lowest payscale over in that home so that we, the agency, will profit way more than expected."
    another time i replaced a really nice lpn on a case which she was on for over 2 1/2 years just because they needed her on another case that wasnt as complicated and the state paid less for it, then put me, an rn, to take over her long time case just because of money differences between the two cases. one paying more so uproot a happy environment for 2 years and bring on a total stranger to retrain, etc, on her case and all for what? so the agency could make more money?
    thats not good business nurses. i dont care who is who. that was wrong. not one word about what the child wanted either. and isn't it all about the child anyways? not the agencies making money.... etc. or us nurses working the best, biggest, nicest families house... its about the child. what would the child want? how could they uproot a perfectly happy family and then lie about it on why they had to do that. thats the best part. they lie to the family and they lie to the nurses. completely dirty secrets that we all know get out sooner or later.
    bottom line... can anyone give me a compassionate, caregiving, patient/nursing coordination planning agency?
    here in the valley of the sun? anywhere in arizona. i can travel. just want honesty and no mind manipulating tactics to get ahead in the home health business world.
    sure could use your advice all of you out there.
    thank tou.
  6. by   AZMOMO2
    I don't actually work for either of them... I work for another company altogether... BUT the issues that you spoke of.... are they same here as well. It's the nature of the beast that is Homecare... sad though that they would take someone off of their case after two years for billing purposes.

    However, with the new guidelines for DDD nursing hours, sometimes the kids have things that are out of the scope of practice for 1 nurse and in order to keep ANY hours for the family, or to justify the needs of nursing for said family, they have to bill based on those skills that DDD has deemed worthy of needing nursing care hours for the family, if those skills are not within the scope for the other nurse and they are for you, I assume she was an LPN, then... well... it actually is to benefit the family and client in the long run, even though you think it is merely motivated by money.

    I have seen hours be snatched away from families this year who used to get full time nursing care, down to 8 hours a week... the child's condition had not changed, only the way DDD funded for services.
  7. by   sellafork
    AZMOM02: thank you for that information. actually, the case was good for either an rn or lpn. that is why i think $$ had so much to do with it. i realize things are changing within ddd.
    are you still doing private duty? and if so may i ask you if you like the agency you currently work for and which one it is?