AZ hospitals hiring new grads?

  1. 0 I recently obtained my ADN in CA. I was wondering if new grads are having better luck in Arizona? Are hospitals hiring new graduate RNs?
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    No. They are not.
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    Chandler just hired a group of 20 new grads in February and another wave a little while ago. Chandler is building another tower and just announced plans to build two new hospitals in the valley.
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    the phx area produces 800-1000 new grads either per semester or year... don't remember... either way it's more nurses than jobs. i'm finally getting calls for interviews now that i have a bit over 6 months of outpatient surgical experience. the places to go for jobs seem to be texas and alaska- i get calls weekly from recruiters at hospitals in both of those states.
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    Come to Flagstaff! Our facility just had a new grad program mid semester, and typically have two yearly.
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    Quote from FlagstaffRN
    Come to Flagstaff! Our facility just had a new grad program mid semester, and typically have two yearly.

    I just applied to the new grad program, do you know how many new grads they accept? Any tips for the phone interview I have next week with them?
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    The hospital where I work (Good Samaritan) is hiring new nursing grads, but you have to have a BSN. They are no longer hiring ADN new grads. I believe this is Banner-wide, and not limited to just Good Sam.
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    You can get hired at Banner with a ADN but you must have been working as a PCA while attending nursing school (ADN), also they would like you to be enrolled in a RN-BSN program once you have completed your ADN. So it is possible but its difficult to get a PCA position at Banner unless you know someone there. I just got hired as a PCA at Banner and I'm in my final year of a ADN program. Others that I know at Banner have been hired as ADN new grads but they have been working at Banner. Its tough out there but if you make good connections and network with the RIGHT people you can land that job. Just be smart with your time. You MUST work while in nursing school as a PCA/PCT to at least have a fighting chance to land a new grad job. Good luck!

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