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hello all you asu nursing hopefuls, well, i decided to start this thread to get all of the arizona state bsn majors that are applying for the 16-month summer program starting in may of 2011 together. i went to the advancement... Read More

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    Thanks Rach2012! I figured so, but it never hurts to ask. :-)

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    Congrats to all those who made it!! And for those of you who didnt, dont give up you'll make it too!

    I am about to finish my Sr 1 semester (im in class with tttt) so any questions you guys have about the program, dont hesitate to ask Take full advantage of any free time you have now and sleep as much as possible, you'll be missing it soon lol
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    Hi guys and gals,

    I wasn't aware that Blackboard was going to be down beginning Friday, so I didn't have a chance to print off all of the readings. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share the readings pages for 310, 320, 330, & 394 (at the DT campus). Thanks!
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    This is really random, but I am not doing so good in Nursing Concepts 310. The test are so hard for me and I am afraid I'm going to fail the class. Do you have any advice for me on how I can do better in this class? I would really appreciate it! The last test we took, which was exam 2, I got a 72% and the class average was 80% with the highest score of 91% ugh I just don't understand how that test was written, but any tips would be so helpful, because I don't even know what would happen if I didn't pass this course
    thank you!
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    Who is teaching your course? (just first name, i dont think we can put full names on here) I would suggest getting an NCLEX study book because they have lots of practice questions that not only help you study but help you get used to the style of nursing test questions, because they offer explanations for the answers. Hang in there, NUR 310 is hard and a lot of people didnt do as well as they'd like, its just a big transition because nursing school tests are so different from any previous classes. The tests arent black and white with one definite correct answer, you have to pick the best answer which is frustrating, but I approach every question with a process of elimination. Usually there are 2 answers that you can quickly throw out and 2 to decide over, with the 2 left you have to really read the question for the clues given or not given. If an answer choice says something about a pregnant woman and the question didnt say anything about pregnancy thats probably not the right answer, even if the information in that answer is correct. That probably sound pretty obvious but you'd be surprised what we can look over. Also, pay attention if they mention an age in the question, it seems to me that our teachers focus on health across the lifespan and how to address people at different stages of life. Lastly, if there's an answer choice that involves therapeutic communication thats the correct answer lol. Hopefully something I've said here will help, and i hope it made sense lol. Good luck on your next test
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    The teacher for 310 is -------, thank you soo much, this really really helps and I'm going to try to apply this on my next exam! I need to focus on what the question is REALLY asking and also your right about the "age" of the patient being an important part of the questions as well. As for an NCLEX book, is there one you recommend, especially one that relates to this class?
    Thanks again!
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    You're welcome I have the Saunders NCLEX review book:

    I didnt have it during Jr 1 but its definitely been a great help during Jr 2 and Sr1.
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    Thanks for taking the time out your day, you've been such a great help! I appreciate it so much

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