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  1. I was wondering if taking NUR 445 and NUR 440 together is doable? I work full time (8 hour days). I took TWC 361 and NUR 391 in the first seven weeks and it was very stressful. ASU RN to BSN Online classes run for seven weeks.

    In addition, I need to take 7 upper division credit hours. Any ideas on what classes to take, online? Death and Dying?

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  3. by   arush7973
    I'm just finishing up the Death and Dying class online with ----. The class is pretty easy but I will say that it does require quite a bit of reading. I enjoyed the class a great deal. Best of luck to you!
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  4. by   mahalyn
    Hi nurseinme,

    I'm starting the core classes at ASU RN-BSN online next month and thinking taking TWC 361 & NUR 391 together while I'm still working part-time. You mentioned that it was very stressful taking both together, but were you working full time?

    Thank you!
  5. by   code3rescue

    I am too starting this summer at asu online. i pick TWC 361 and an elective. I heard you write a 20 page paper right off the bat in TWC 361. The nursing advisor patty said she wouldn't recommend taking TWC 361 with anything else with lots of course work. I am thinking of doing death/dying or women's studies:sex in the city (an Upper Division elective) with TWC 361. What did you end up picking?
  6. by   nurseinme
    Yes..I worked and am working full-time.
  7. by   thedewey
    Hi all,

    I start ASU's RN-BSN online program in May. Did most of you take 2 classes together the whole time? Is there any you recommend to take alone that were pretty intense? I will be working full time.
  8. by   yginay
    I just finished and it is a great program. I worked full time (3 x 12 hr shifts/week + new grad residency classes) and have 2 small children. I took 3 classes per semester and 2 over the summer, and finished in just over a year with a 3.9 GPA. The semesters were broken into two 8 week "sessions" so each semester I always had 2 classes together and then a 3rd which was alone. Never a problem. The workload is reasonable and the program really does give you a lot of resources to aid in your success.
  9. by   yginay
    Each semester is broken into sessions A & B each of which is 8 weeks long so each class is 8 weeks long. This is how I did it class wise, the 2 classes I took in same session are together, the one I took alone is separate.

    Fall 2012

    TWC 361 Writing for Healthcare Mgmt
    SOC 391 Social Statistics (Prof O'Donnel= best class/tutorials ever, you will learn it well!)

    NUR 391 Professional Nursing Theory

    Spring 2013
    NUR 315 Methods and Critical Appraisal of EBP (this one is sort of intense, take it solo and other 2 together)

    NUR 440 Community and Public Health
    NUR 445 Nursing Mgmt

    Summer 2013

    NUR 444 Innovation in Nursing
    NUR 495Public & Global Health

    FALL 2013
    NUR 392 Nursing Across the Lifespan
    NUR 460 The Art of Nursing

    NUR 464 Capstone Synthesis of Professional Nursing

    I hope this helps
  10. by   thedewey
    Thank you for the info!!
  11. by   Culli005
    I have a question about summer sessions. Is it doable to take 2 classes each session for the summer?
    For example:
    Summer session A- Nur 440 and Nur 445
    Summer session B- Nur 444 and Nur 495

    I really want to finish the Program at the end of Fall 2014!
  12. by   CaliAlmostNurse
    Hi yginay! I am new to all nurses and just finishing up a CC program and looking at ASU to get my BSN as well. I am wondering how much over the actual tuition did you have to pay for book or supplies at all? Thank you for any help! Also do you think it is possible to take two classes each 8 week course or would that be too overwhelming?
  13. by   syane45
    Hi yginay! How did you like the ASU RN to BSN program? Would you recommend it? Did you think the tuition was reasonable?