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Hello out there! Is anyone else applying for and /or waiting to see if they are accepted to ASUís Post-Bacc nursing program starting in Jan. of 2013? Anyone from the ASU post-bacc nursing class of 2012 is more than welcome to... Read More

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    Wow, I haven't been on in awhile and it is great to see so many new people Everyone on here has superb GPAs and TEAS scores-CONGRATS!! It looks as though this year's batch is competitive, luckily there are 40 spots. I am also anxiously awaiting for "the letter" and am checking the mail non-stop. Will post when it comes in and I hope we all get to meet very soon!!!


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    did anybody else get the email stating that within the next couple weeks they would be sending out information that we would have to quickly confirm? this was sent a few weeks ago. it had mentioned something about confirmation that the application was in and that they'd be sending something out soon that would need to be reviewed by us and responded to quickly. I've yet to receive anything. did anyone else get anything like this?
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    ziggy, my post ^^ is referring to what you got I believe. just curious if we are the only ones that got that email. ill be checking the mail this week like clockwork!
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    I also received that email that was to verify that your address and information was correct, and to acknowledge that they received the application. Still watching the mail
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    I received the confirmation email as well. It said they received my placement packet and that they will contact me in a few weeks to have me confirm information. I have not received that email yet. Just a reminder: DON'T FORGET TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. I forgot to check it for a while. When I did there was an email from ASU, so this one we are waiting for my very well end up in there.
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    I just called the office to ask if the letters were sent out, and the receptionist said they were still reviewing applications and it could be up until the end of the month before we see anything. It will be a hard-copy letter of acceptance, not an email.

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    Here is the email we received:

    Thank you for submitting your placement application packet for consideration to the spring 2013 Post-Baccalaureate Clinical Nursing Program (PBCNP). In the next few weeks, you will receive information from the Undergraduate Student Academic Services Office concerning the review of your placement packet. At that time we will ask you to verify placement information and contact us to make any corrections. If any of the materials required for a complete placement packet are missing, you will be receiving notice of the withdrawal of your request for placement.

    You will also be required to read, sign, and return two forms relating to the background screening and fingerprint clearance requirements for participating in the clinical experience. These are additional statements that relate to the supplemental requirements you will be required to submit if you are advanced into the TPCNP.

    It is imperative that you check your email inbox and junk/spam folder regularly for communications from our office.

    If you have questions, please call the Undergraduate Student Academic Services Office at 602-496-0888.
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    Grrrrr. I called the admissions office today. I was told letters would go out next week or two.

    Nothing like having 4 weeks notice (including Christmas) to uproot our lives!
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    Yeah, I want to give my work 2 weeks notice, but I also want to take some time for myself (if I get in) seeing that I wont have any for the next year. So that is sooo frustrating
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    I just got an email from ASU regarding the application review. Now I have to slog through and make sure everything is okay. I am biting what are left of my nails. 4.0 select, 94.7 teas, but some of my classes are old, and I am waiting to hear if they are going to accept them anyway. argh.

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