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Hello out there! Is anyone else applying for and /or waiting to see if they are accepted to ASUís Post-Bacc nursing program starting in Jan. of 2013? Anyone from the ASU post-bacc nursing class of 2012 is more than welcome to... Read More

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    Hi guys, I am currently in the program. I wouldn't worry too much about your grades, if you're above a 3.4 apply, take your teas and see what happens. If you are below 3.4 meet with the adviser and see what they say. I didn't think I had all the pre-reqs but we pulled a lot of it out from my first degree which I obtained over a decade ago When/where you took your pre-reqs does not matter a bit, I did about 60% of mine at the community colleges.

    To the poster with kids, if you can handle your classes now with children, you can do this program. If you can not, the traditional program might be better for you. The out of class work load is INTENSE. I don't have children and I quit my job, my husband has taken over all of the shopping and laundry and I still feel overwhelmed. You can do it, but you should be prepared to buckle down!

    Finally, there is always the wait list. At least 2 students in my class got pulled from the list days before class started and made it work. Just try your best in any classes you have left and good luck!
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    Kolacka, thank you SO much for posting. It is really helpful to hear from students currently in the program. Any info you have to give is helpful for those of us applying!
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    I know how you feel! If you have any specific questions Ill try to answer them. I know a few of my classmates still check this board too.
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    Is anyone taking pathophys at ASU in Fall? Also, has anyone signed up for TEAS yet?
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    Hi everyone! I am applying for the 2014 post-bacc program and am getting nervous about the upcoming application deadline. I am taking the TEAS in mid-August and am working to finish 8 of 10 prereqs by the deadline. I am taking nutrition and pathophys through Phoenix College (online) this fall. Anyone else in those courses? courtneyfaith, did you take your TEAS yet?
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    Hi there! I am also planning to take the TEAS mid august. I have so much work left to do for the application process so I'm getting a little worried too. It's pretty intense.

    I actually have my nutrition final tomorrow's the 8 pre-req for me so I'll have a short break between now and fall classes. I'm taking stats and pathophys at PVCC in the fall.
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    Hi guys! I registered to take my TEAS test on Aug 20th at noon. How long did it take you guys to get your fingerprint clearance card back? Hope all of your classes are going well!

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    I'm also taking my TEAS Aug 20, I feel like its coming soo quick! My card took ~1.5wks so you should be fine. I'll be doing patho at ASU in fall (last class). Good luck finishing up the applications ladies!!
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    Awesome, I'm just ready to get the test over with so I can submit my application. I've studied a bit but need to get a little faster to feel more confident. I'm taking patho (last class) at Gateway in the fall. I'm so excited and we still have so long to wait! It can't come soon enough!
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    Hello everyone,
    I'll be applying for the program too, I've got everything ready except the test which I hope to take within the next two weeks. I've been studying and I was just wondering, does anyone know if certain information is given on the test or do we have to memorize it, stuff like the unit conversions between the metric and English system? I'm using the TEAS Study Manual Version V that I got directly from ATI, does any one know if this stays pretty true to the actual test? I've taken the practice tests and they seem very straight forward, I'm use to having to choose from tricky answer choices, I just don't want to get to confident and have the test be completely different. Good luck to all of you!

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