ASU or GCU? Which school is better?

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    I got accepted to ASU this week and GCU is telling me that I am "unofficially" accepted. Does anybody have any insight as to which school is better? I have heard some negative things about ASU from RN's that I work with and I have heard good things about GCU from some teachers at MCC. I live in Mesa and the GCU campus (A.T. Still) is only about 10 minutes away from my house. Both schools cost about the same (after a GPA scholarship from GCU) but GCU goes through the summer and ASU does not.

    Any suggestions? I would love comments from anyone in either the GCU or ASU programs. Thanks.

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    hi wbthomas,
    i am starting the asu rn-bsn program next month. i can't tell you which is better, but i am curious what the other nurses have been saying about asu. it is ranked #21 in the nation for nursing educations. just curious.
    good luck on which ever you decide to attend.
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    I'm sure it is a good program, that is why I am having a difficult time deciding. What I have heard is that ASU graduates are schooled heavily in theory and lack practical application. This may be from fewer clinical hours, I don't know. I have also heard that the ASU program is geared toward nursing administration. I don't care much about administration because I plan on continuing school to become a CRNA.
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    I'm in the same boat as you are. I attended the ASU meeting yesterday and am still trying to decide between them and GCU @AT Still. I have heard the same things you have- ASU/admin and GCU/lots of clinical practice. HAve you decided yet?
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    I am an ASU student, and its a GREAT nursing school. The faculty are wonderful. I know ASU does like to prepare their grads to look into nursing leadership roles, but that does not mean they don't teach the basic skills. I don't know what you mean by "lack of practical application", but that is not true at all. All BSN schools have pretty much the same amount of clinical hours, but you know that clinicals are only what you make of it anyway. You have to make your own opportunities I think whatever school you attend.
    Good luck with your choice!
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    I chose ASU. ASU is ranked #21, GCU is ranked #435. ASU is $10,000 less than GCU. ASU is 1 semester less than GCU. And I like maroon better than purple.
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    I think it really depends on personal preference. I've heard good things about both schools. ASU is more competitive to get into (they receive more applications). GCU is also a longer program. It's 5 semesters instead of 4. You would end up with a Bachelors degree with both schools.

    I don't know much about the traditional program, but another poster mentioned that if you attend ASU at the Mayo Campus then you have a "leg-up" if you apply for a new grad position there. The traditional program does give you a break though. You get the summer off - which is a plus!

    I chose GCU because I of a personal referral. I don't know anyone personally who went through the program at ASU.
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    I studied both programs closely. ASU does have a much higher ranking (21st vs 435th). GCU gives you more clinical hours but their program is a full semester longer than ASU so that makes sense. ASU has a reputation among hospital nurses as being book smart, but lacking in application. I think that it all depends on the person. ASU is more difficult to get into and its students tend to be "book smart". I have worked with my hands for the past 20 years and so I am not worried about my hands on skills.

    For me it came down to money. Because GCU is 5 semesters and I can only get financial aid for 4 of those semesters, it raises the cost significantly. Also, because ASU has the summers off, I can work and earn the money I need to survive during the semester. GCU (AT-Still) would be much, much closer to me but the additional time and cost does not make sense in my situation. I will be starting in August at ASU Downtown.

    Best of luck to you Keisha! I hope you are enjoying GCU.
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    I'm curious to know what you decided and if you were happy with that decision. I have the exact options! A.T. Stills or ASU. I know ASU has a MUCH higher ranking and I've heard they have a more varied clinical experience. Also, their tuition will be much cheaper.
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    I will graduate in May from ASU. I am happy with my choice. Both programs will teach you to be a good nurse. Both programs cost about the same (GCU changed to a 4 semester program which cut the cost quite a bit).

    GCU at A.T. Still would have been much closer to my house, but it really hasn't been a hassle to go to the ASU Downtown campus. I take an express bus from Superstition Springs Mall and it only takes 1/2 hour, plus I can read on the drive. Clinicals are all over town regardless of which school you choose.

    I based my choice on cost (at the time CGU was about $10,000 more expensive) and how the schools ranked (ASU 21st - GCU 335th). I plan on continuing my education and graduating from a top school was important to me (it will help me to get into the next round of school). For me the choice was clear.

    Best of luck to you (you are in for a wild ride)! Congratulations on having choices!
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