ASU Nursing Program Spring 2011 hopefuls - page 7

Hi, I am thinking of applying for Spring 2011. I have just found out that the lowest TEAS score for ASU was about 79% with average of 87%. I am worried. I have a GPA of 4.0. But last time I took... Read More

  1. by   Inspired student:)

    I was thinking the same thing when I saw your post. lol I am definitely anxious

    Hopefully we're at the top or near the top of the alternate list.
  2. by   SEA3347
    Big question regarding pageburst. I bought the book bundle package through the school and $915 later plus another 130 for the last 4 books, I am wondering if it is really worth it to have the e-book and all of the pageburst functions. I like the idea of not carrying books but wanted to know your thoughts since you have been in class. Thanks in advance...
  3. by   cna to crna2b
    Hi I am in the summer 2010 program and I think the page burst is worth it. You have to find evidence on why you would do something for you car plans and papers. Instead of flipping through the book trying to fond the rational you can search what you are looking for in the page burst. For me it has saved a lot of time. Good luck with school!
  4. by   SEA3347
    Thanks, that is what I thought too.
  5. by   SEA3347
    Any advice for first day of class? First week of class?
  6. by   samoansundevil
    Just relax! You were accepted into the best program for a reason! Make immediate
    Friends with your learning community. They can be a great support system esp when you're all
    Studying the same things and working on the same projects. They will be great friends too ;D
    Have fun! Join SNA while you're at it lol
  7. by   Tarabara
    Quote from SEA3347
    Any advice for first day of class? First week of class?
    I'm pretty sure everyone would agree with me that the first day/week is very overwhelming because they bombard you with a ton of info. Just know that this is going to happen and try not to let it stress you. You dont need to remember everything they said, they'll go over any thing important again as they come up later. So just try to relax and make friends, you'll need your classmates! Also, definitely get a planner and write down when all exams and big assignments for the semester are due so you can plan ahead as the semester goes on. Have fun!