ASU/Maricopa CEP Program

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    Hey folks,

    I'm in the wait list for the Maricopa Community College program, and was wondering if any of you have applied/are currently in the ASU CEP program?
    I will HOPEFULLY be submitting my application to this program at the end of the month. I'm trying to find out what the average GPA for acceptance is. All the advisors say is that they don't have those statistics yet..
    I know the minimum GPA, but what's the AVERAGE for acceptance??
    Thanks a ton in advance, from a nervous pre-nursing student who is TRYING to be patient.

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    I just applied on Tuesday with a 3.5 GPA. They seemed to think that I was pretty much set with that, but I don't know what the average GPA is.

    TBH I was a bit disappointed that they only take first attempt grades because I took A&P online and did horribly so I took it in person and my GPA with those grades would have been a 4.0
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    Did you end up applying? I got accepted with my 3.5.
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    Congrats Vflipo!!!!

    What what your HESI score? I am applying for the CEP in May and curious as to what the GPA and HESI score that were accepted.

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    I will have to double check my overall score later but I know my math HESI was 99%. I think overall it was in the low 90s.
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    And that was without studying lol I wonder what it would have been if I had studied... But it was a pretty easy test.
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    I have a 3.89 GPA and my HESI is only an 83%. I got a 92% on the math but only an 80% on the reading. I went into the test having a lot on my mind and I'm sure that hurt my score. I am debating if I should retake it to improve my score or if my high GPA will help off set that. I also have a previous degree and I know you get a point or two for that.
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    I think you'll be okay with your GPA and previous degree but maybe call the advisor and see what they say.
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    I think I will do that! Thank =) And congrats on getting in! As well as good luck with the program!!
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    Thanks! Also are you using your cumulative GPA? They only look at certain classes hen calculating your GPA. Just wanted to let you know also if you retook any classes asu only looks at the first attempt grade.

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