ASU Fall 2010 Hopefuls

  1. Ok gang, now it's our turn to start sharing information, tips and score ranges for those applying to the ASU (Arizona State) upper division nursing program for the Fall 2010 semester.

    With the new TEAS testing requirement, I'm not sure we can apply to our situation the historical score ranges from the past (when they had to take the NET) so let's all share information and support for those of us applying for advancement.

    I took the TEAS today got an 85.3% composite score. Both the program and national percentile scores were 98%. I'm applying with a 4.0 GPA. If this was a NET score submission for the Spring 2010 semester, I'd be right on the bubble. I'm wondering how others are scoring on the TEAS and if anyone's heard of any nuances in the application of those scores to our overall advancement scores. I'm under the impression that the Program Percentile score is pretty important as it is the ranking within our program exclusively - does anyone know if that is correct or not?

    I recall that there will be only 60 advanced into the upper division program this Fall so I know the competition is going to be stiff.

    If anyone has any information regarding scoring, numbers applying, numbers to be advanced, etc, please share! It's a long way off until they let us know where we stand - It will be nice to have a forum where we can bounce off one another.
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  3. by   Raisedshoulder
    I am at 3.83 with a 86% on the TEAS . I'm really hoping everyone screwed up but I'm highly doubting it.
  4. by   2ndTime
    I have a 4.0 too and got an 88.7% on the TEAS. When I turned in my application the advisor said that it was a pretty good score from what she has seen, but that really they don't know what to expect. Most people I heard from got around the 85 percentile mark. Lets hope!
  5. by   Browneyedgirl10
    I just hate how noncommital they are being in the advising office, it's driving me crazy

    You said most people you've heard from are around the 85 percentile mark. Are you saying their adjusted score was around 85% or that their national and/or program scores were at the 85 percentile?

    Good luck!
  6. by   2ndTime
    Their personal score was around an 85.
    I here you about the advisors. I talked to one of the advisors when I turned in my packet. I told her about the percentile rank I was in was 99% and that my score would be above the cut off mark from last semester and she pretty much shot down my enthusiasm real fast saying that I can't go by that at all. One - the percentile rank changes drastically everyday because this is the first time our program has used the TEAS and Two- The Net was such a different test. Well thanks for busting my bubble lady.
    Lets just hope that there aren't 60 geniuses applying with a score of 5.9 or 6.0!
  7. by   aznursetobe
    Personally, I think you're in great shape.

    A couple of things:

    I've been watching these boards and I've not seen the level of scores on the TEAS Version 5 anywhere near the levels of Versions 3 and 4. In general I'm seeing most people with high 70's/low 80's. I know of a couple of 90's at ASU, but most of the people I've heard from have been in the more typical range mentioned above. In fact, the average percentiles on the TEAS 3/4 are fully 10 percentage points higher than TEAS 5. I realize it's not the NET, but still......I'd say certainly you are in great shape and hopefully I am too....

    So you know, my score at 85.3% was in the 98th percentile national/program and I'm under the impression that it is still at that level.

    I can't imagine ASU overall is that far off the national averages, so at the 99th, 98th and even 97th percentile you've got to have a pretty good shot at things - especially with a 4.0. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the 99th percentile would indicate that on average, out of 100 people taking the test, you did better than 99 of them. Sounds like pretty good odds to me.

    I'm getting the feeling that they've made a conscious decision just not to give any indication of how they think you've done - period. That's fine but why the long delay from May 1st the application deadline until July when we find out if we're in or not? SOOOOOO frustrating!
  8. by   Raisedshoulder
    Wait so we have to wait until July to find out? Wow that's a very long time.
  9. by   Browneyedgirl10
    That's the way I understand it.
  10. by   fsunole86
    [font="comic sans ms"]i just want to update on the info i received today. i took my teas today and got an 84.7% which is currently 97th percentile for asu. i was interested to see that the average for asu is currently 64.2% based on this, and the fact that the last exam will be given thursday, those of us with scores of +80% should have a good edge on the competition.

    i am actually a re-applicant (i am still an alternate for the summer 2010 session) so i do not know how they are doing the scores for selection this go around. i can only assume that our test portion is a percentage of 2 points possible. for example, i scored an 84.7 so i would add (2*0.847=1.694) to my gpa. is this correct?

    good luck to everyone on here!
  11. by   Browneyedgirl10
    You are correct in how you are computing your advancement score.

    84.7 is pretty good from what I'm hearing depending on your Select GPA.

    I think when they say "Program Average" and "Program Percentile" they are talking about those applying to a BSN program, I don't think it's directed specifically at ASU. I could be wrong, but that's my understanding. Regardless, anything 80+ is pretty good in my book.

  12. by   fsunole86
    [font="comic sans ms"]ya i agree with you, the only people taking this exam would be those applying for advancement in the fall. there wouldn't be any reason to take it otherwise since you have to retake the exam for every application cycle.
  13. by   Jbackphx
    I just took the TEAS yesterday and scored an 80 (percentile rank nationally was 95). I have a 4.0 which leaves me with a 5.6. Cutoffs in the past have been around the 5.6-5.7 mark with a much easier test (NET). I would imagine with the nature of the TEAS V being as tough as it is the cutoff would be much lower, but I could be wrong. In actuality, I'm not too worried. The only difference between an 80 and 85 is only 1/10th of a point. So, if someone with a 3.9 got an 85, my overall score is the same. I can't imagine everyone accepted will have a 4.0 (which really impacts the final score as you know). If that's the case, students with anything lower won't really have a chance. Does anyone know how many students they suspect will apply for the fall semester? I'm assuming it will probably be between 3 and 4 hundred, but I'm not sure. It's just hard to believe that every student applying at ASU is testing in the upper 90th percentile rank when other schools around the country are having a hard time scoring 80! I've read other posts from other students applying for their Universities who have taken the TEAS V say that nearly only 6 of 50 people score 80 or above. That's only 48 people considering 400 applicants. Plus, that doesn't necessarily mean all 48 of them will get in. We all know GPA means more than the TEAS score. I don't think Arizona is the only state full of geniuses! With that said, the people that did well above 80 IMO are not the norm and are gifted! It's just too hard to believe that 60 applicants will have a 4.0 and above 80. I never got anything below a 95% on any test I took in my prereq's and I only got an 80. I only had a week to study for it, but still. As far as the Administrators at ASU go... I think they like to see students get all uptight, worried, and stressed about it . I don't care what they say. They don't know. We don't know. No one knows. I do know that when they look at the TEAS scores, they consider everyone has a 4.0. So they might tell you that your score is low and you don't have a good chance, but that is misleading advice. Like I said, GPA has more bearing on your final score than does the TEAS. Example: and 86 (a score that looks really good to the advisor) on the TEAS and a 3.8 only amounts to a 5.52. That same advisor would look at my score and tell me I need to improve it in order to have a chance. When in the broad scheme of things, I have a 5.6 with an 80 on the TEAS. I don't know... Just some thoughts .
  14. by   Crickets
    "I have a 4.0 which leaves me with a 5.6. Cutoffs in the past have been around the 5.6-5.7 mark with a much easier test (NET). I would imagine with the nature of the TEAS V being as tough as it is the cutoff would be much lower, but I could be wrong."

    Jbackphx, I feel the same way! I can't imagine students scoring better on the TEAS than the NET. I'm anxious to find out the results... Does anyone know how many students applied for Fall 2010?