ASU applying for spring 2014 nursing program

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    Anyone else applying in September for the ASU nursing program for summer 2014? I am super nervous. It looks like my select gpa will be about 3.88 and I haven't taken the teas yet. I am very nervous about my GPA since I got a B in Chem and Micro.

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    I was originally going to apply in September but because of a bad semester I was going to wait until February to apply. My friend told me to apply anyway to get used to the process and it's worth a shot anyway, even though I'm not hopeful on getting in my first time. So I am applying this September anyway and taking the TEAS the 31st of July, I am extremely nervous!

    You have an awesome GPA though and I'm sure you'll do well on the TEAS, I bet you'll get in no problem! (:
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    I am in the program now and there are several ladies here who had comparable GPA's. Go for it!
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    Thank you guys! That made me feel better I am taking the teas late July as well.

    Best of luck to you secretwindow, I hope we both get in
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    I will be applying in the spring too, how are you guys studying for your teas test?
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    I purchased the practice tests from ATI.
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    Are you gonna have all 17 prereqs?
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    How did you do on your TEAS? When will you find out if you are in?!
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    I did well. I ranked in the 99th percentile.

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