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  1. I'm thinking about starting at Brown Mackie college in Phoenix for The AAS RN program. I'm worried about graduating and not finding a job without a BSN. I do intend to do a bridge program down the road for RN to BSN... Anyone know if people hire RN with AAS degrees??
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  3. by   ShadowPlanet
    My mother works for the VA here, and she says they're phasing out the ADNs and only hiring BSNs as new grads. Also, the hospital closest to me prefers BSNs and has no ADN new grad program anymore.. so I'd guess that a lot of people are not hiring ADNs right out of school anymore.

    Edited to add that I'm in AZ too.
  4. by   Beautiful Mind RN
    I worked for John C. Lincoln Hospital (NM location), I know that they too, prefer BSN's over ADN's. So my advice is, if you plan on attending a for-profit school, I would invest your money into an institution that offers a BSN program. That is what I am currently doing.
  5. by   ArizonaNurse2be
    I went there today. I didn't know they had a surgical technology program. Hospitals want an associates with that so I think that will suit me great. Lots of hands on. So I'll go there get my associates get certified then start working on my bachelors so I can still climb in rank and not be stuck doing one thing forever.
  6. by   ArizonaNurse2be
    My husband will be working in the VA soon !
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