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I am going to a nursing seminar at ITT Tech in Phoenix. It is new and was wondering if anyone has heard anything about it?... Read More

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    Even people with gpa's of 3.8 are on waiting lists. Then once you finally get in another 2 to 4 years to finish the program. Not including the the 1 to 2 years of pre reqs. That is between 5 to 10 years of school not making money
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    Quote from usafguy99
    35K as a CNA??? That is WAY higher then I have ever seen for a CNA. Where do you work? And 96K as an RN right out of school also sounds very high. I guess I need to work where you live now that I have my RN.
    CHW as a CNA and I would not like to disclose my current employer. 96k is on the higher side for a RN, but that is what I am making and I am a tier 1 RN at my facility (lowest pay grade) lol.
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    Call the main nurse recruiter for Deaconess and ask them if they will hire someone with a degree from ITT.
    Not all licenses are equal.
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    ITT is a joke. you can go to chamberlain and pay the same price, same amount of time, and walk away with a BSN from an accredited school
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    hello ladies, the reason why some colleges won't accept credits from private institutions is because they don't want the competition and they will lose students, this is a known fact. community colleges can offer cheaper prices because they are government funded and have more students that attend the school. you can get the same education at private schools, because the teacher's cannot tech without their bachelor degrees. i have a friend that is a rn and has a bachelor’s degree to teach and has taught at a private insitution. she said the school program was great. i also have a friend who’s sister is an rn and went to a community college and is now a manager at a hospital and does not have a bachelor’s degree. see the point i am trying to make is sometimes it's what you know and who you know. you can have a bachelor’s degree and not be manager material. my friend's sister is just smart and is the leader type. they gave her the job as a manager because she earned it. so it should be your own personal preference to as to what school you choose to attend, because once you finish school and get your rn license, it should not matter what school you attended. what should matter is that you are a licensed rn. just because you finish from a community college does not mean that your education is better. the same teacher that teaches at the community colleges teaches at the private institution also. now you choose. i have an appointment to attend the information section at itt on monday. good luck to all of you.
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    Hello I am interested in the ITT nursing program, please give me any information that you can. How are clinical s? How many clareplans do you have to write up? do you have lots of presentations? Any advice and heads up is so appreciated. Thanks

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