Anyone else apply to NAU/GCC concurrent program this week? Anyone else apply to NAU/GCC concurrent program this week? - pg.4 | allnurses

Anyone else apply to NAU/GCC concurrent program this week? - page 4

Just wondering if anyone else applied to the program this past week. If so, maybe post your gpa and what school choices you listed and update when you find out if you got accepted. I would like to... Read More

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    I have Hep B. , CPR card, background check, and health care provider signature left to do. I am registered for NUR 330. I don't know about fall classes at MCC.Haven't gotten any info on scrub. Yes I will schedule for CPR. Thanks.
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    The schedule for GCC CEP is as follows:

    Lecture: Mon/Wed 8:00 to 10:30 am
    Lab (on campus): Mon/Wed noon to 3:30
    Lab (pre-clinical?): Thu 7:00 am to 1:15 pm (first 3 weeks of course only)
    Clinical: Thu 6:30 am to 2:00 pm (starting week 4)
    We had a choice of 3 clinical sites; the other two for GCC CEP were on Friday instead of Thursday. I picked the site closest to my home.
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    NAU/SCC CEP student here...Have everything done except for my immunizations (4/30)...Anxious to get started...Enrolled in the 6/4 Nur 330 class...Glad I found this thread...Any other SCC CEP students here?
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    Hello. I am a NAU/SCC CEP student and enrolled for the 6/4 class. I just wish we could get our schedules ASAP? Have you heard any information because I have asked several times. My first choice was GWCC but I ended up with SCC. The one good thing I heard is because our clinicals will most likely be with Scottsdale Healthcare so that is a convenient thing. I hope that "rumor" is true. Nervous, anxious, and excited all at once!
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    Well at least GCC has given your times. SCC has no times available yet. ARGH! So did they tell you where your clinicals were? Do you have the information about uniforms and supplies and etc???
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    Hey dorcas...I'm assuming we're going to find out in late May during our registration sessions...At lease I hope so...I signed up for the 5/23 registration session...And I'm with you about nervous, anxious and excited...
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    Anyone else buying the books for the NUR 330 class this summer I got both the textbooks on for about $75...Seems like a lot for two little paperbacks...
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    @dorcas: yes we were given 3 clinical sites to choose from (limit 10 students per site), at registration. Registration for GCC Fall semester opened on April 16. The 3 choices were Glencroft, Banner Good Sam rehab, and VA Center rehab. It was first come first serve in terms of getting your first choice clinical site. We were able to register by calling the enrollment center.

    There was brief mention of uniforms and supplies in the email packet, with promises that we would be provided with more information at the July Orientation session, and I believe we will have opportunities to order most of these supplies at Orientation (but of course that means you won't have a choice of vendors if you wait until then). It also says we can order uniforms at the GCC bookstore. I know we need white shoes, and a stethoscope, and there's mention of a "nursing supply tote bag" that is required. We were given an expected program cost table and that d@#&^ tote bag is priced at $130!!! As for uniforms, I believe all of MCCCD uses the same uniform, and the supplier is Apparel Pro. You can check out this page for info:
    MCCD Homepage - Apparel Pro Health Care Wear
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    That my be one heck of a tote bag! Does it do our homework for us when we put books in the bag? Typical university pricing...
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    I think it includes supplies for lab, but I have not been able to find any addtional information, such as the vendor, and exactly what is in the bag. I like to know what is required and then price shop, but I fear this is one of those high-mark-up, "custom" items that is available at a single supplier. I guess I have to wait for Orientation to find out. Perhaps only GCC requires the tote bag?
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    Our orientation at SCC is on 5/23 so I'll let you know...
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    @ddmad: Thanks, I am very curious about that tote bag.

    @CDMZG: Heard anything from EMCC yet?

    To all CEP: I got the NUR 330 syllabus in my email today. Assignments, reading list, etc. Looks like one group presentation, 4 journal entries, one two-page "paper" (essay), and a few small projects. Lots of in-class discussion. Appears to be very manageable IMHO. Being the nerd that I am, I will probably get started on the reading assignments next week. But first, I need to put all the deadlines in my calendar.
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    Received mine as well (syllabus)...You're right, does look like it'll be very manageable...They're just getting warmed up though...