Anyone else apply to NAU/GCC concurrent program this week? - page 4

Just wondering if anyone else applied to the program this past week. If so, maybe post your gpa and what school choices you listed and update when you find out if you got accepted. I would like to have others to "talk" with while... Read More

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    I got into SCC/NAU for this fall. Can't wait until we get the schedule...hopefully sooner than later. Congrats to all.

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    Got schedule for MCC/NAU fall 2012. Mon and Tues - 9am-11.50am,Weds and Thurs - 7am-3.30pm and Fri free. If anyone here is going to MCC, lets get in touch. I am already registered for NUR 330(Tues 9am- 1pm),got registered for 2nd summer instead of 1st summer, working to have this changed and Financial aid ready. Just trying to finish this vaccination thing and cpr card.

    We still have a long way to go till August at least, lets keep each other posted.
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    Wow, how did you get your schedule so fast? Did they mail it to you? I am still waiting to hear from Estrella about our schedule but am hoping it is similar to yours!
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    It was emailed as an attachment. Oreintation Info, Nurse pack, text books and deadline for vaccination info.
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    That's so exciting. I printed the health info off the maricopa nursing website so I have been working on my health stuff the last month or so. I am pretty much just waiting on the packet with class list, books, and required materials/supplies. I sure hope Estrella gets our packets out soon! Does the schedule you posted include the NAU class as well?
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    I will be starting at MCC this August too. I'm enrolled in the ASU concurrent program so I will be taking a class online this summer. I was glad we got the schedule so soon! I live in North Phoenix so I need to plot out my driving schedule. I just got my CPR card last week and finished vaccinations (still need to finish 2nd dose if Hep tho).The nurse talked me into getting an MMR instead of starting out with titer. I'm excited and a little nervous about starting in the fall but I'm sure I'm not alone. I have zero experience in healthcare so it will all be new to me. I'm ready to jump in though!
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    No. Schedule is just for MCC. I think until NUR 330 is completed before one can find out about fall class at NAU.

    @Lmarko, i think we would be in same class at MCC. I still have CPR card, Hep B and Health care provider certification to get done. Where did u do ur CPR and did you get your card immediately? My Hep B came back as Non reactive, so i need to get the 1-3 injections.
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    @CDMZG: Have you been enrolled in NUR 330 yet? That class meets Tu 9 to 1. I wonder when Estrella is going to send their packets? Glendale emailed theirs March 21. Good to start working on the Health and Safety though, because some things take some time (especially if you need MMR -- have to space out the injections 28 days.) I am also enrolled for Fall GCC classes, but not Fall NAU classes. I believe the NAU advisors will enroll us later in the month (Fall registration is not open yet at NAU).

    @peterbrasco: we are in the same NUR 330 section; see you there. I got my CPR card through Heartsavers Inc. They offer classes all over the Valley. Took about 3 hours, and yes you get the card at the end of class. Just remember to take the Healthcare Provider class; it will be called BLS for Healthcare Providers (CPR is included in the training).

    So here's where I am in terms of preparation: CPR card, Fingerprint card, background check completed. Just had my second TB test read today. Had my first MMR a couple of weeks ago. Had third Hep B shot same day as MMR #1. Got a Tdap, because my original dose was when I was a kid (and I am OLD). Still need to finish up the MMR series, and I need to get a varicella titer. Ordered books for NUR 330. Ordered a stethoscope (I just couldn't wait!). Need scrubs and shoes, but waiting a little longer for that, because I am hoping to lose weight and fit into a smaller size.:bowingpur
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    jhunold: yes, i am enrolled in the nur330 class for the june start classes. i am still waiting for my packet......the last i heard, they had 2 spots to fill and once those are filled they will begin sending packets. can you please post what your schedule at gcc will be?

    peterbrasco: i did my cpr through par cpr. my class also took about 3 hours and i got my card the same day as well. i think the class cost somewhere around $55.00

    i have everything done except for my last hep b, which is scheduled for july. i also have to finish up mmr #2, then have mmr titer done. i had all my titers done a few weeks back so i am good on everything (except for the mmr). so now i just await my packet to see my list of books and other things like uniforms, shoes, etc. i sure hope they don't take too long getting us the information for estrella!
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    I have Hep B. , CPR card, background check, and health care provider signature left to do. I am registered for NUR 330. I don't know about fall classes at MCC.Haven't gotten any info on scrub. Yes I will schedule for CPR. Thanks.

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