Anyone at Grand Canyon?

  1. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone that is going to GCU could tell me what it is like compared to those that are at GCC etc... I know the cost is drastically different but that is really about all I know thus far. I have been planning on applying to the CEP program soon but have recently started to think about GCU because of the wait time with the other programs. I have my BA already and all the prerequisites for the GCC program done.Any info on either program would be great thanks!
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  3. by   Asystole RN
    I'm in a graduate program at GCU and it is excellent. GCU is a very good nursing school with an excellent reputation, even outside of the state.
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  5. by   bethanphetamine
    I had planned on doing the CP as well, but even though I have everything done, I wouldn't be able to start until Fall 13. I decided to go with GCU and will, upon acceptance, be starting Spring 13 and be done much faster than the CEP. I've had friends graduate from GCU and they loved it.
  6. by   Ericarice
    Did you have to take the HESI or TEAS for GCU? While I know there is a considerable difference, what is the average semester cost?
  7. by   bethanphetamine
    You must take the TEAS for GCU. Cost really depends on many factors. If your pre req GPA is 3.7+ you qualify for a scholarship through GCU of 3500/semester, but you must maintain a 3.5 GPA or you will be bumped down to the next level of scholarships. There are scholarships for pre req GPAs of 3.5 and 3.25 (2500 and 1500 respectively). The program is five semesters. You can do the traditional program in which those five semesters are spring/fall. Or you can choose the fast track, which would include summers, and takes only 20 months. Costs also vary slightly whether or not you can waive the health insurance (if you have health insurance, it's waived). The total cost for each semester worst case scenario before any scholarships is around 9-10k per semester (base tuition is 8,250/semester). But after scholarships, my loans and grants would take care of the rest so there is no "out of pocket" type cost to me. Though I am still applying for other scholarships in order to reduce the amount of debt I would have. For me, after the GCU scholarship and my grants, I would be borrowing or finding other scholarships for about 4-5k per semester. Which I don't think is bad at all. I'll finish much sooner and be able to start working a year or more before I could if I did the CEP.
  8. by   fromtheseaRN
    i'm in the rn-bsn and love it. i really wish i had just gone there to begin with.
  9. by   Ericarice
    Thanks so much for all the information. I am a bit out of luck with grants and such because it's my second degree. Honestly, I don't think it sounds crazy horrible cost wise. I know I will have a good size loan in the end but think it may be worth it. Thanks again.How was the TEAS? Do you sign up for it through GCU?
  10. by   bethanphetamine
    I haven't taken it yet. I have until september to take it. It's supposed to be very similar to the HESI which I have taken. You sign up through a company called ATI I believe. But it's generally taken at a GCU campus.
  11. by   Ericarice