Anyone applying to CEP for Maricopa Nursing ??

  1. 0 Just wanted to start a thread to see if anyone is also applying to the Concurrent Enrollment Program for Maricopa Nursing on May 22,23, or 24?

    I am applying at MCC on May 22 with 3.8 GPA. My overall HESI is 88% and I'm retaking it next week in hopes of a higher score....

    Anyone else????
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    I applied on Wednesday at GCC, 3.81gpa, 95.5% HESI. Here's hoping!
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    Quote from donovasu
    I applied on Wednesday at GCC, 3.81gpa, 95.5% HESI. Here's hoping!
    Wow! With those numbers I'm sure you will get in! I retook the HESI a few days before and scored an overall of 94% so at least its much better than my original 88%. The NAU advisor who I gave the app to told me I should know before June 2nd what the answer is. Did you also apply to ASU?
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    That is great! Here's hoping we will hear this week...that would make my year! Good luck to you and keep me posted if you hear from them!

    I did apply to ASU but may have a problem with my A&P 1 being over 7 years old. I am more interested in NAU anyway, due to costs and just in general NAU seems to be easier to deal with.
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    I agree. As an alumni of NAU I would say they are far more student oriented than ASU.

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