Any police/federal agent spouses?

  1. Hi Arizonians!

    I am graduating with an ADN this December from Louisiana.
    My fiance & I are interested in relocating.

    He is currently a detective but is avidly looking into federal agencies.
    Arizona being a border state, gives us a high chance of being sent there if an agency hires him.
    (Most require relocation for 1-3 years)

    So, I'm the low totem pole new grad nurse.

    I've scoured the board and I gather that we should avoid the big markets.
    Unfortunately, that's where his job will likely land him.

    Are any of you ex-police or are married to a police or federal agent?
    Can you give us the low down on their department, hiring activity? Lateral transfers?
    Since we want to move, he wants to investigate local PDs as well.

    For nurses, recommendations for me? Areas to look at, avoid, hiring freezes?

    I know NOTHING about Arizona other than I have always liked the scenery. I've connected in AZ a few times and I know it was just an airport, but it seems beautiful. I need hot weather! I have Raynauds!

    I'm okay with living in the burbs and commuting.
    Housing market 3bd/2bath around 190-220k, good schools are important. I'd prefer not to have to pay tuition.
    Some night life, coffee shops. Garden variety suburb.

    Any input is appreciated!
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  3. by   fromtheseaRN
    i'm not sure about the fed agencies, but az police departments have been laying off d/t our budget crisis. public schools have never had a good review here, and are getting worse with all of the cuts to education in that area as well. i live near the ASU area and a lot of schools in our district are actually being closed down.
    new grads are having a difficult time getting hired without inside connections or having already worked at their place of employment as a cna or lpn. the largest chain here is rumored to be on a hiring freeze also d/t th states cuts. the state is currently making huge cuts to our medicaid program, and it is estimated that thousands of hospital employees will be laid off.
    sorry to be a downer it's just not pretty here right now.
  4. by   WoosahRN
    My bf is a Federal Agent (Border Patrol). He has been on the border for 6 years and we have been long distance for 4. The entire time we have been dating he has been trying to get out of his area. They don't do lateral transfers to other stations within their sector because it would take a way a position from one station to fill one at another. The area he is in is not an option for me to live and work. We are working on a solution but I would most likely not be able to work in my specialty and would not get to work in a critical care enviroment. Also Phx PD has been on a hiring freeze for the last 3 (at least) years and just made an announcement that they will be continuing the freeze until 2015. This also means they are not replacing those that are killed, retire, transfer or quit. So the police force is getting pretty decimated. New grads here are not finding jobs even those that already work in a hospital (example two coworkers who work in our ICU, one an aide, one an RT could not get jobs in their own department once they got their RN. Sad). Your fiance could look into ICE which tends to be in more city areas vs BP or Customs (border towns, fewer job options and facilities for you).

    As the other poster said, sorry to give you such negative news. Congratulations on graduating. Good luck!