any info on John C Lincoln North Mountain in Phoenix

  1. Does anyone have any thoughts on this hospital? Might have a chance to go there. I see that it is listed as a Magnet hospital. Of course that would not sway me one way or the other.
    Thanks for any input
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  3. by   Cursed Irishman
    I had some clinicals there and it always struck me as kind of second rate. I could never put my finger on what exactly it was, but the overall vibe i got from that hospital was not a good one. Do a search on this forum, some people have had some really good things to say about it though
  4. by   Knorremeisje
    Some pro's and con's.

    + + +
    - Everyone is very friendly and helpful.
    - Wonderful benefits.
    - Awesome new trauma center.
    - Remodeling the entire hospital.
    - Education assistance program is great.

    - - -
    - Not exactly a nice area, I don't feel comfortable walking to my car at night.
    - Heavy patient load, kind of due to its location.
    - "Regular staff" is sometimes called off to make room for the hospital's pool staff.
    - Chronic shortage of CNA's/PCT's.
    - JCL needs to be redesignated by Magnet this year, so expect craziness!