Annual Report Of Az Rn Programs

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    Interesting. Here's an annual report on the status of AZ RN programs.

    Link updated with the 2006 document
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    Hey multi-you got a sticky thread!
    Cool post, BTW...
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    I found this on one of my google searches. It looks like AZ nursing programs are doing better than I thought at increasing enrollment.
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    NCLEX pass rates for the last eight years, AZ nursing programs:
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    Here's a change with NAU's RN-BSN program:

    The AZ Board of Regents just issued a ruling which allows RN students to transfer more community college credits toward a BSN than the regulations allow for other undergraduate degrees.

    Thank goodness they are acknowledging that associates degree RN's have completed far more than the typical associates degree, and shouldn't have to be limited at 64 credits for transfer to the BSN.
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    Wow, that's great news!!!
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    Quote from cardiacRN2006
    Wow, that's great news!!!
    I am a Canadian RPN and would like to work in Arizona as a matter of fact I have my lpn licence to work but I cant get a visa @ the border can anyone help me please
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    That is great. ADN nurses have usually gotten a rotten deal when going back to pursue their BSN. I am glad to read about this change.
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    looks like the .doc link is dead
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    Quote from GilbertDaddy
    looks like the .doc link is dead
    Thanks for letting me know! I've update the link to include the latest year (2006) and took out the old dead link.

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