2017 Mayo Clinic Nurse Residency - page 3

Hello, I applied for the Mayo Clinic nurse residency program March 17th 2017 and interviewed April 14th that is scheduled to start July 24th. I was wondering if anyone has received any job offers... Read More

  1. by   hng808HI
    you got it KKBB, BSN! For me, I did Kaplan. 2-3 weeks prior to my NCLEX I did about 100 questions a day. Ones I got right I dismissed and never did again. Questions I got wrong I made sure to review rationals. 2 days before the NCLEX I did not study. The night before NCLEX I reviewed Exam Crams review sheet (mostly lab and therapeutic levels of drugs). Eat a hearty breakfast! Prior to NCLEX-RN I also took NCLEX-PN, so I knew what to expect. It helped that I got there a little later than usual, to prevent sitting around and being anxious also arriving later you wont deal with others walking into the exam room as you are taking your exam! I hope this helps. You got it!
  2. by   kkbb
    I love you guys already! Thanks for all the support!! I am using NCSBN Learning Extension and I like the rationals. I also have access to ATI, which we used throughout school. I just need to hide from the world and study.
  3. by   hng808HI
    Right! I'm so excited to meet everyone! Now go study! and claim that RN license!!
  4. by   JeniV
    Oh yeah... also. Remember. In the NCLEX you are working at the perfect hospital. You have ALL the aids, help, and equipment you'll need. So if the answer seems to be too perfect, don't discount it because we are used to real world nursing. You have all the time you need and more for every patient and problem lol.
  5. by   JeniV
    WoW. I received the email and filled out the info they wanted. Now does anyone want to help me with this
    paperwork to transfer my license from MI to AZ. This is kind of confusing. I will be up for a while if anyone wants
    to give me a call. 602-758-5299. Help would be greatly appreciated!!!! I also created a FB page called
    "Mayo RN Residency 2017" if anyone wants to send a request to be added. Thanks all
  6. by   JeniV
    Hey guys. Harlene had a great idea. You can join us on the FB page, but the idea is that we all get together as a cohort and have lunch or dinner when we get to AZ. I spent 4 years out there for anyone who would like help on where things are and where NOT to live (Tatum place apartments: roach infested) for example lol. But if all goes as planned I'll be driving out July 1st and should be there no later than 5th if I take my sweet time. I know we have to have some forms submitted by July 17th, so if anyone wants to catch some grubb before or right after I'm down
  7. by   kkbb
    I am down for meeting everyone and grabbing a bite. I can help with suggestions on places to live...although I live about 30 miles away from Mayo. For those of you moving here from someplace with normal temps...hydration is important!! Also, if looking at apartments first floor can be more expensive, but you usually save a ton on air conditioning. Don't make the same mistake I did when I moved here and get the top floor.
  8. by   kkbb
    JeniV I sent you a PM
  9. by   Shrug
    Hi guys! I'm so glad I found this thread - I'll be starting on 3W (step-down/transplant) on July 24th as well, and I'm so excited to be a part of this cohort! I would love to go out for a bite to eat with y'all at some point beforehand, and a FB group sounds like an awesome idea too. I'm an ASU grad, and I've lived in the area for the past four years so I know a few places to eat and live around here
  10. by   kkbb
    Shrug, I sent you a PM to find us on Facebook.