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Patients destroying pain meds? - page 2

Just wondering how other clinics handle the situation of destroying pain meds. For example, say a patient was prescribed Percocet, but they had a reaction to it, so the doctor wants them to get rid... Read More

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    Quote from Sadala
    I've never heard of this either. Is it a regional thing, perhaps?

    Because... The patient PAID for the medication. So theoretically it BELONGS to them regardless of whether or not they can continue to take it due to allergy/intolerance, etc.

    I mean, at its heart, the OP's question is kind of a legal question, isn't it? :X
    Yes, it does belong to them, but the physician has concerns over the patient being in possession of several different narcotics, and has chosen not to write a new Rx till the old meds are disposed of
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    That sounds like perhaps the MD needs to ask the patient to bring the meds to the clinic then and see to the disposal.