1. 0 So, ugh, I've moved and had to find a new doctor. To those of you who work in doctors' offices, do you get annoyed with knowledgeable patients? I've typed out my medical history, family history, and list of meds. Anything else to bring on the first appointment?My old doctor was wicked smart and knew me well so I'm not looking forward to breaking in a new one.
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    I don't get annoyed with knowledgeable patients, unless they plan to dictate their own plan of care. A list of meds is helpful. And family history and actual names of surgeries help (No, I don't know what the little pink pill and square white pill are,) and "I had this surgery on my foot and my knee once 15 years ago" doesn't help me that much either.
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    I always dictate my own plan if care. I know me better than anyone and know what works and what doesn't.
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    I prefer to let the MD dictate the plan of care unless I know it's a gross error or I feel like being seen as obnoxious and pushy that day...
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    I am neither obnoxious nor pushy. I am, however, extremely intelligent and have known myself for 57 years. The doc has known me for 5 minutes.The doc I just saw was great...didn't treat me like an idiot and asked me what I thought was a good plan of care.
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    I'm not saying the patient shouldn't participate, but you know those people who come in with DEMANDS lol.
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    If you're seeing the doctor just to establish that first time, what you have already provided is great. If you're seeing him or her not only to establish, but for a particular reason, it's great when the patient brings any pertinent records with them, such as hospital records, imaging, etc. The docs in our office like to know certain pieces of information such as your last mammogram result, last colonoscopy, last pap, immunizations, etc. If possible, they'd also like the results of these, so if you have those in your possession, feel free to take those to the appointment as well. Taking in your typed medical history, family history and med list really does help us out and saves both the staff and the patient time that would have been spent asking all those questions.

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