New LPN, MA position?

  1. I just graduated this past May and passed my boards in June. I have a few gen eds left to complete for the RN program and then will be doing the LPN to RN bridge, part time. So it will be a while before I complete my ADN.
    The job market around here is tough for LPN's, even LTC facilities aren't hiring. I have a second interview today for a MA position at a really good facility- but I'm still on the fence about this job. It's in women's health, which I am interested in and could see myself working in after I complete my degree. But I feel like I worked so hard for that LPN title, and the pay for an MA here is terrible, at the lower end it's even less than I made as a CNA. (Hoping they wouldn't start me at the lowest pay, but even at the high-end starting pay is significantly less than an LPN.)
    I think I am going to be offered a position in home health with another company, an LPN position, but I didn't feel real good about that company and am 99% sure I won't take it. The company is established, but new to this area, and I would be getting very minimal hours to start with too. I have apps out at a few different places for LPN positions, they are less hours but much much higher pay, and are actually for a nurse, not a medical assistant.
    I just don't know if I should take the MA position if offered it and hope that the experience and the foot in the door at this facility will be enough, or hold out in hopes of an LPN position.
    Has anyone else taken a MA position after getting their LPN license, did you regret it?
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  3. by   Elleveein
    Im an LVN in a Medical asst. position and to be honest im greatful to be working in this economy. I like the job (urgent care).The downside, I make MA money, I basically do vitals, blood draws, injections and ekgs ALL DAY. With that said its better than being unemployed like alot of newly licensed VNs. MY advice if your considering a office or clinic job is to make sure you have nursing Insurance.