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My 1 year old allergic reaction?

  1. 0 My husband gave our 1 year son a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and I think he is allergic! He has hives around his mouth, and they are starting to to migrate over her tummy. He ate the sandwich about 45 mins ago. How will I know if he need to go to the ER? Or what are the signs that it is a serve reaction? Or is there anything that I can give him? (he weighs about 35-40 lbs, at 1) THANKS
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    Sorry, AllNurses can't give out medical advice per terms of service. Call your child's pediatrician ASAP or just go to an ED. This may be a matter of life and death, not a question for an internet forum. I do hope your girl is OK, but either CALL your pedi or GO to the ED!
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    Please either take the child to the ED or call your Healthcare Provider. We cannot advise you in this potential emergency. We hope everything is o.k.