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LPN scope of practice in Urodynamics- question

  1. 0 I wasn't sure where to post this. I work in an outpatient specialty dept in NY state that is starting up a new urology clinic. They will be doing prostate biopsies, urodynamics,etc. I have never worked in this setting but the physician will be training me. I have been an LPN for 15 years and have inserted catheters and collected urine samples.
    Question is: They want me to assist with prostate biopsies and will be inserviced on how to use the ultrasound machine. It seems I will be calibrating, cleaning it, etc. The MD wants me to insert the probe into the rectum while he inserts the needle and does the punches for biopsy. Am I allowed to do this as an LPN? Shouldnt this be a ultrasound tech or possibly a urodynamic RN? ( they will be hiring an RN, just not right now.) I called the Professional Office and they stated thats diagnositics. I guess that means I shouldn't be doing this? What about eligard/lupron injections? Can I administer that if it is being given to manage/treat advanced prostate ca??? I really dont think so. I don't know what other tests are performed in a urologists office and what I'm allowed to do under my license. The facility doesn't seem to know and no one is really taking action so I need to protect my license. Can Anyone Help Me! Thank you in advance.
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    You need to copy your paragraph and email it to;

    Practice Issues

    For answers to questions concerning practice issues, contact:
    NY State Education Department
    Office of the Professions
    State Board for Nursing
    89 Washington Avenue
    Albany, New York 12234-1000
    Phone: 518-474-3817, ext. 120
    Fax: 518-474-3706
    E-mail: nursebd@mail.nysed.gov
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    I worked in a urology clinic. I was a CMA and an LPN trained me in for when she's out to have a fill in to work with her provider. Something that I wouldn't do, because it is definitely not in a medical assistant's scope of practice, but it was her job primarily was to do urodynamics. On the doctor's day off, she ran a urodynamics clinic day on her own. She had been an LPN forever and worked specifically with her provider for several years. We are also in Minnesota.