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I've seen this topic before but it's come up again at my clinic/urgent care, sorry in advance if you've heard this a million times. Do you call medical assistants nurses at your clinic? Would you care if a pt or the doc called... Read More

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    I am confused as to why Factorviia is saying physicians don't hold a doctorate.

    My husband is an Internal Medicine physician by occupation (and refers to himself as a physician, to distinguish himself from all of the other people who call themselves "doctors.") He is a D.O. not an M.D.

    His degree is (and medical school diploma reads): "Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine" Furthermore, he has completed 8 years of schooling, plus a 3 year residency, So how do you figure he has no right to say he is a doctor?

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    This is the type of red herring tangent that always seems to occur in the APN fora. Weird to see it here too...

    But, calling MDs and DOs doctors does not mislead the public- those titles imply "medical school," "rigorous training," "residency." Calling medical assistants "nurses" is indeed misleading because that implies nursing school, RN or LPN clinicals, nursing licensure, and answering to the BON, rather than the technical training that MAs receive.
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    Until there's a lawsuit it probably won't get the top of mind awareness it needs. Continue to address/introduce RN/LVN as nurse and MA as Medical Assistant. My ID goes into a red-bordered plastic cover that says RN. Maybe LVNs could be green, and MAs another color. In any event, it's a continual education process, so unless a formal policy comes out...and yes, it irritates me!
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    In the clinic I am at right now, we have name tags. There are two RN's, I am the only LPN, and the rest are MA's. Although we do have nurse visits which the MA's also perform. I have never heard the MA's call themselves nurses at this clinic but like others said patients just assume. The MA's do everything us nurses do. When we call patients we say just say hello this is Jane Doe calling with Dr. Black's office not just a general this is the nurse with Dr. Black's office of if there is every any confusion/concern the patient has the name of the staff member they talked to.

    My previous job was awful about calling the MA's nurses though, the MA's refered to themselves as nurses. They would do phone triage and actually call patients saying Hi this is the nurse. They even had their occupations on FB listed as nurse. Most of them werent even registered, they just had the schooling. The supervisor called them nurses even. It kinda annoyed me then but mostly because that place was a train wreck anyways.
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    This drives me crazy where I work now...I tried correcting people in the beginning, but realized quickly that it was a losing battle. No one in the office wears their name badge except for me. *shrug* I guess I'm going to have to learn to get over it.
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    I work in both an acute care hospital and a clinic. At the hospital we have red badges that say RN on them. I also wear the red badge at the clinic to let the patient's know when they see me and I am seeing patients in the clinic that they are being seen by a registered nurse. It's also educating the public about the differences between an MA and RN and the role we have in the clinic setting.
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