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  1. We are in out patient chemotherapy in texas. A nurse takes the phone home every night and all weekend for all after hours calls including critical labs and patient calls. The weekend nurse is paid a flat amount for the weekend however the weekday nurses are not being compensated for answering calls at night on their own time. If you have a similar situation how much are you compensated? hourly or per call?
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  3. by   ddunnrn
    Are you salaried or hourly employees?? If you are hourly, then this is illegal. First, I'd let your employer know that you are aware it's illegal, and give them a chance to respond. Then, I'd file a complaint with labor authorities. OTOH, if you are salaried, they can pretty much make you do it, as long as they don't break any other labor laws. Either way, I'd keep a journal of all the times you were on call, and how much time you spent. On the bright side, at least now you can deduct your phone as an employee expense.
  4. by   LevitateMe
    We are hourly, and its a co cell phone for each office. My nurse manager told me their is no on call pay for weeknights but that I can complain to the md over nurses. We are just trying to get some info to present to him to show what others are getting for this work.
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    The weekday nurses should not carry the phone unless they are being compensated in some fashion.
    Otherwise, give the phone to the MD who is responsible for the lab results anyway.
  8. by   CRNI2010
    You should be getting compensated! I'm salaried but I get paid $22 a night to be on call. Holiday call pay is $42. I'm always on call unless I'm out of town or on's a nice little addition to my salary.