Win CASH! 12th Nursing Caption Contest - $100 - page 15

Win $100! Participate in our 12th Caption Contest. Good afternoon nurses. Your mission is to provide a caption to the cartoon below. You may submit as many captions as you wish. You have 1 week to achieve your ... Read More

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    So your people are free of addictions and disease? That's all about to change.

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    Alright! What's this funny business I've been hearing about smallpox blankets?
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    After 'the incident,' America's first PR Agency creates a "Thanksgiving Tradition" involving less blood loss.
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    Guys, you know I cant help you on this case. If y'all fighting about who is the daddy, all you need is a phlebotomist, and the Maury show. Not a nurse. I give shots, I dont draw blood. Ok? Call 1-866-99-maury. Good luck.
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    Please remember to wash your hands after handling the turkey. We don't need a Salmonella outbreak. Today is a holiday, and the pharmacy is closed.
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    So, which one of you forgot to wear the condom??
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    Ugh! I knew I was forgetting something.. Aha the small pox vaccination.
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    This is my first Thanksgiving in 20 years. How does this all go again? Show me the turkey!
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    "Let's talk about fomites..."
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    To get approval for your menu you must submit the nutrition labels, calorie counts, and lists of potential allergens...

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