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Participate in our February 2013 Caption Contest! Winner gets $100! Good afternoon nurses. Your mission is to provide a caption to the cartoon below. You may submit as many captions as you... Read More

  1. by   RNstudent76
    Elvis_the later years.

    Nothing but a hound dog...crying all the time...
  2. by   maulerkat
    Okay! I've been wondering who was man enough for an unsedated colonoscopy!
  3. by   nyteshade
    It's Ativan time!!!
  4. by   nyteshade
    "Gotta get the cats!!!"
  5. by   Claire825
    "Babies of all sizes need their flu shots"
  6. by   Claire825
    Nurse Ratched cleans out her inventory
  7. by   chughes1995
    And this guy is an acupenturist?!?
  8. by   CTICU-RN
    I'm sorry but flu shots are mandatory now
  9. by   registered_nerdCW
    "Ok, enough running. Someone get me a straw, a shoelace & a safety pin. You've pushed me to have to break out the blow dart gun. Nurse MacGyver is administering this flu shot!"
    Last edit by registered_nerdCW on Feb 21, '13
  10. by   kimcraft38
    Sir your 2 year old son just had his shot, you didn't see him running and crying for his Mommy!
  11. by   canesdukegirl
    "But Dr. Shrek, the CDC MANDATED the flu shot!"
  12. by   mandy6886
    But Mr.Soprano, haven't you been actually shot?
  13. by   fabulous1
    Now are you ready for your catheterization? I mean immunization!

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