iPad winner at the AN exhibit booth at NTI - page 2

:ancong!: Congrats to Tammy from North Carolina! She was the lucky winner of our iPad give away in Washington DC at the NTI 2010 Criticial Care convention It was wonderful meeting so... Read More

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    i thought u gave away 1k ipads! lols

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    Very nice photo of the convention booth scene with Brian giving the award to Tammy the nurse from NC.
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    will be back @ the national teaching institute & critical care exposition, apr 30 - may 5,2011 in chicago next year.....will be interesting to see if attendees remember us as 95% hadn't heard of us in 2008.

    nti2011 home

    it was great to have meet tammy... next year it could be you posing with brian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    SO glad more folks now know about AN!

    The word certainly is out and AN well promoted here in Oz!

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