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  1. by   TroyHowlett
    All I said was "I'm here to shave you for your vasectomy".
  2. by   TroyHowlett
    Forgot to warm the bedpan again.
  3. by   TroyHowlett
    Call a code; he just read his bill.
  4. by   TroyHowlett
    His urologist just explained the difference between gangrene and "ring around the collar".
  5. by   TroyHowlett
    Mixed up his Viagra and Ambien. He's been "up" all night.
  6. by   hbhalla
    Is it even harder than labor
  7. by   hbhalla
    Wat are we waiting for lets do it without the anesthesia
  8. by   andreasmom02
    Ladies, for the love of Pete!! PLEASE STOP GOSSIPING! I'm so sick of hearing about how nurse Janet in ICU is having an affair with Dr. Brown in cardiology!! Someone get me outta here!
  9. by   Mickysminnie
    "I just informed Mr. Jones that because of the Nitroglycerin he'll be taking, he's can't take Viagra anymore."
  10. by   g8sushma
    This is what happens when you leave the patient in the room too long.
  11. by   FranEMTnurse
    I just told him he is going to have to get his spinal tap with less numbing solution than normal because there's a shortage of it, and he started doing what you see.
  12. by   Clinical_Queen
    I was trying to calm the patient's pre-op nerve jitters with some visual imagery, told him to imagine himself swimming at the beach...apparently he's hydrophobic.
  13. by   Clinical_Queen
    Mr. Smith's wife gave birth to a 12 lb baby, the L&D Nurse noticed he was in a state of shock afterwards and sent him up here...that was 8 hours ago.

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