10th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100 - page 4

Participate in our new Caption Contest! Good afternoon nurses - Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves coming up with the winning caption to the cartoon below. You may submit... Read More

  1. by   caffeineaddict
    Do you have any allergies?
  2. by   caffeineaddict
    I told you not to eat the cafeteria food!
  3. by   caffeineaddict
    I told you not to eat the cafeteria food on Wednesdays!
  4. by   caffeineaddict
    So you're the new transfer?
  5. by   caffeineaddict
    Do you smell something funny?
  6. by   caffeineaddict
    And where is your name tag Nurse Green?
  7. by   caffeineaddict
    Is this the new uniform for nursing students?
  8. by   eatmysoxRN
    I tried to convince you to get the flu vaccine.
  9. by   caffeineaddict
    Did the surgery go as planned?
  10. by   caffeineaddict
    Don't worry Mrs. Upchuk, this is a common side effect. Your skin should be fine in about 6-8 months.
  11. by   caffeineaddict
    You look fine Mr. Verde. I'm getting your discharge papers in order now.
  12. by   nursefrances
    I told you that you shouldn't pull a double. You always get all oozy after more than twelve hours.
  13. by   caffeineaddict
    Let me guess Nurse Ratchett...you want to go home early?

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